Three Little Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

So, March is here. The sun is peeping through the clouds and the earth is warming. Hooray! Summer must surely be a matter of weeks away, right? Does that fill you with joy or fear? So many of us are now panicking about our ‘summer body’ plans and memberships at gyms around the country are soaring! According to experts, Februrary is the busiest month of the year for personal trainers, as all the new members that joined after Christmas realise that they need a little help with their fitness goals. We all want to be ‘beach ready’ by summer- whether that means wearing a bikini or just feeling happy in our own skin. But what if you hate the gym? I mean, it’s not for everyone; we’re all different at the end of the day. With this in mind, we’ve put together three little workouts for people who hate the gym. Enjoy!

Three Little Workouts for People Who Hate the GymReasons to hate the gym

Yes, I know. So many people will tell you the gym is a good place to be. And we’re not saying that they’re wrong, we’re just saying that for some it can be hell on earth. So here are some of the reasons why the gym might not work for you…

  • It clashes with your schedule. You can’t ever find a suitable time to go, and you feel guilty because you’re not making the most of your membership. That guilt is a powerful negative emotion you really don’t need in your life!
  • There’s a pressure to ‘look the part’. Whether it’s physically, or just by the clothes you wear. If this makes you uncomfortable, that’s fine. You’re certainly not alone.
  • It’s boring. Like we said, the gym isn’t for everyone. Maybe the classes don’t appeal, and the idea of using the equipment becomes monotonous quickly. That’s quite common, and absolutely fine by the way.
  • It’s expensive. Especially if you either hate going, or don’t go full stop.


Do you NEED to go to the gym to keep fit?

There are some who would say YES. The gym has the experts, the equipment and the resources to take you fitness goals to the next level. But actually, you really don’t have to go. Seriously. You can train anywhere, especially if you’re dedicated to your goals. And training anywhere will give you a lot more variety, freedom and opportunities to explore just how amazing your body is and what it can do. And let’s not forget that working out at home does wonders to boost your self esteem… and your bank balance!

Three little workouts for people who hate the gym

So what options are out there for the gym-dodgers? Plenty! Remember you work to your own timetable, you can never turn up late and you can work as hard as you like. Be the measure of your Three Little Workouts for People Who Hate the Gymown success with these three super little workouts:

  • HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. One of the most effective ways to burn fat, and a workout you can do anywhere and at any time. It basically means pushing your body to its absolute limit for a very short period of time (usually 30-45 seconds) before resting for a short interval, then starting again. A HIIT workout need only be around 20 minutes in length, meaning you can slot one in every morning and reap the benefits all day. Because you push your body to raise the heart rate so rapidly, rest, then repeat, your body is forced into burning fat for much longer during the rest of the day. So a HIIT workout really will set you up for the day and proves once and for all that there really is no need for a gym membership. Examples of HIIT workouts can be found easily on YouTube, or you can take it outdoors and just go for it. Use a watch to time a 30 second sprint, 30 second rest. Try it!
  • Walk. Yes, so many people assume that running is the only way to get fit and lose weight etc, but actually walking can be just as effective. And not only that, but you can bring friends with you to enjoy the scenery and some good conversation at the same time. Adopt a brisk pace and find some hills to climb. You won’t regret it.
  • Run. Ok, so some of us love to run and if the treadmill bores you silly, then quit the gym and take it outdoors. Being outside releases so many more endorphins because we humans like the interaction with nature. To feel the sun on your skin, smell the freshly cut grass, listen to the birds… you don’t get that in the gym. In fact, running can be so much more than a fitness plan. Running helps you to keep a good track of your progress  and can be an amazingly social activity too. Find your local running club, enlist the company of good friends. If you love running but hate the gym, we promise this is the perfect antidote.

What’s your preferred workout right now?