Three Very Good Little Reasons to Trust us With Your Skin

Three Very Good Little Reasons to Trust us with Your

Here at Little Soap HQ we’re fiercely proud of our achievements, and so grateful for the support and loyalty our lovely customers show us day in and day out. Sometimes, honestly, we’re blown away by the level of support you guys show us- so thank you! Every single comment, email, message or review means the world to us, and brings us one step closer to helping spread the message that natural, cruelty free soap can and should be accessible to all. With this in mind, this week’s post is aimed more towards are newest and potential customers, and we’re using the kind words of our lovely customers to help. Here are just three very good reasons to trust us with your skin…

We’re here for the whole family

The bathroom is one of the main hubs of any home, where we all tend to begin and end our days in some way or another. So the last thing you want is for that room to be cluttered, messy and overfilled with bottles, lotions and potions. One reason why so many families love Little Soap is because our products are suitable for every member- which means you only need one bottle or bar in the bathroom. We call that a win!

One of our lovely Facebook reviews reads:

“I have very sensitive skin and 2 of my children have eczema. I’m using the oatmeal one… it’s amazing. Loads of rich, creamy lather which leaves my skin feeling moisturised… will definitely buy more for the kids to use”

and another adds:

“The dog soap is also brilliant, smells great and lathers up on my dogs coat really well… So the whole family use your products even our dog!

You just know this brought a smile to our faces! The range here at Little Soap is suitable for the most sensitive of skins (please check ingredients in the case of allergies or intolerances), from babies to teenagers, and our Little Beast range follows suit, with only natural ingredients to make them kind and gentle.

We’re super kind to skin

Three Very Good Little Reasons to Trust us with Your

We’re no strangers to the irritants and pollutants our skin faces every day, and we know a thing or two about skin conditions too. We only use natural ingredients so that our products can be accessible to all, and we’re so proud of the work that goes into each and every soap we make. For example, we spent a long time perfecting the Organic Foaming Body Wash range because we knew we wanted to create a luxurious foam without the use of SLS or other synthetic chemicals. It takes a little longer, but we get there! We’re proud of the end product, and we love hearing how much you love it too…

“I’ve suffered with eczema and dry skin for years and using these products has made such a positive difference to my skin.”

“…one of the best soaps I have ever used, it has really helped in fading away acne scars.”

“All the products smell divine… better than that they leave my skin feeling clean and fresh and don’t exacerbate my eczema.”

We do not use nasty chemicals in our products, and we believe that everyone should have access to products that will nourish, protect and care for the skin. All of our products are kind to your skin, but we do ask that you check ingredient labels if you have a specific allergy. See here for more information.

We’re fiercely eco-friendly

A lot of our customers shop ethically, which means to say that they do their research and only part with their hard earned cash if they believe in a brand’s efforts to be eco-friendly wherever they can. We’re proud to be certified cruelty free and vegan, and we always strive to reduce, re-use and recycle when it comes to packaging and presentation. If we make a stand together, our small steps can make a huge difference, and shopping with us will help you be a part of that.

“How can I not endorse a great company with full vegan and cruelty-free accreditation, low to little plastic in their packaging plus excellent stance on only using sustainable palm oil (and with some products with no Palm oil at all) across their entire range!!”

Along with our strong ethics, we also advocate for emotional wellbeing and creating a sense of balance in the mind, body and soul. Taking a bath (or a shower!) is a sensory experience, and we want to make that experience positive for all. The fragrances that we use play a huge role in this, and we strive to ensure all of our products smell amazing- without compromising on our green beliefs. Oh, and we also encourage frugality (waste not, want not!) so our soaps tend to last a lot longer than the average too.

“… lasts for ages due to only needing to use a small amount each time. It smells good too. Would strongly recomend it.”

“I appreciate how you search for organic ingredients and consider the impact of your packaging. Soaps that are worth buying.”

“I’m trying to be as green as possible, so being able to buy solid, pure, local soaps at Waitrose Is perfect for me, they’re luxurious and I can cycle there!”

Three Very Good Little Reasons to Trust us with Your

Hopefully you don’t need any more convincing but in case you do, please check out our many reviews here, here and on Facebook. And if you love Little Soap Company products as much as we do, please consider leaving a review of your own. We’d really appreciate it, and you’d be helping spread the Little Soap word even further!