Tonic Health x Little Soap Company

Here at Little Soap, we’re huge advocates of the importance of practising self-care- and never more so than during these strange times! Part of practising self-care and showing love for your body is being aware of your general health- and with this in mind, we’re super excited to reveal our brand new collaboration- with Tonic Health! This is a small brand who we absolutely love and one that holds many of the same values as us here at Little Soap. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re also holding a fun little giveaway with Tonic Health- keep your eyes peeled on social for more details!

So, who are Tonic Health, and why have we chosen to team up with them? Read on to find out more…

Introducing Tonic Health

Tonic Health provides high-dose vitamin drinks that are “packed full of Vitamins C, D and Zinc with real plant extracts. Utilising the power of nature to support the immune system, and drawing on the latest science, Tonic is all in one solution designed to ensure that your body is fighting fit in times of need.” Sound good to you? Us too!

Tonic Health aren’t your run of the mill vitamins. The brand’s founder and CEO, Sunna Van Kampen says, “We’re on a mission to show people how much better you can feel when you work with your immune system, and not against it. Sleep, concentration, mood, energy levels are all affected when your immune system is under threat. Tonic is different because it’s been designed from the ground up to nourish your body in the fastest and most impactful way.”

Head over to the Tonic Health site now to take the Immune Health Quiz to find out how strong your immune system is and to read more about how to nourish the relationship with your immune health as maintaining this is something we’re sure you’ll agree is so important as we continue to navigate this global pandemic!

Delving a little deeper into the immune system…

Did you know that your immune system is constantly working so hard to keep you fit and healthy? According to the Tonic Health experts, it protects you from around 60,000 germs every single day- but what happens when your immune system is compromised? Modern-day stresses can take their toll- from stress to poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight… and then there is the effect of poor hygiene habits too. If there is anything we’ve learned from recent events, it’s the importance of washing our hands, wouldn’t you agree?! But how does this link to our immune system?

If our immune system is weakened, our hygiene habits become more important than ever. Germs are transmitted so easily from hand to hand and if your hands aren’t clean, you run the risk of passing on nasties. There is also the risk to ourselves, as we touch our faces up to 23 times per hour!

Little Soap and the immune system

Here at Little Soap, we’re more than passionate about natural soap and its benefits- not to mention its role in health and happiness. We encourage our readers and followers to live a healthy and active lifestyle, mindful of our body’s needs and the importance of being aware of our own needs- ie: self-care!

Self-care can come in many forms. For some, it’s simply the act of enjoying a hot cup of tea and five minute’s peace and quiet. For others, it’s a spa day or a long walk with the dog. The point is, how you choose to nourish your body and soul is completely up to you and your needs- we simply encourage you to put yourself first once in a while. So run that bath, light that candle and relax for a while- you deserve it, and your entire body will thank you for it. Remember how your immune system is affected by stress?!

A global awareness

Self-awareness isn’t just limited to ourselves- it extends to our local communities and beyond, too. Little Soap products don’t just nourish the body and help to support the immune system, we are also passionate about protecting our planet too. Regular readers will know that we always strive to reduce our carbon footprint and to encourage others to do the same. We’re thrilled that Tonic Health share these beliefs- read more about their commitment to our planet here.

Like Tonic Health, we only use natural ingredients in our products, and we’re proud to use sustainable and recyclable materials for all of our packaging too. By having a global awareness, we can protect, nourish and care for ourselves and our planet.

A final word…

Products from our award-winning Eco Warrior Range will make up part of the amazing prize bundle being offered in our collaboration with Tonic Health. So, why Eco Warrior? Simple.

•    It’s plastic free

•    It’s cruelty free

•    It’s plant based and 100% vegan

•    It’s biodegradable- the soap and the packaging

•    It contains RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil