Top Five Vegan Must-Haves for Autumn

Top Five Vegan Must-haves for LOVE autumn here at Little Soap HQ- kicking around in the golden leaves, wrapping up warm but still enjoying the sun on your face, long dog walks then home to a flickering candle and a comfy sofa… bliss! This time of year we tend to want to snuggle up cosy at home and indulge in beautiful food that our local produce creates, and I’m sure we’re not alone in that! This week we’re tantalising our tastebuds and looking at our ultimate top five vegan must-haves when it comes to shopping for autumn. Let us know what you think!

A vegan shopping list

These days its easier than ever to shop vegan on the high street with all of the major supermarkets now realising that more and more of us are choosing this way of life. That said, do please read your labels when you shop and if you can, research online before you go. Our top five must-haves will absolutely be easy to find, so enjoy…


Beans and legumes are the staple of any good vegan diet, and for very good reason. Not only are they packed full of nutrients, but they are so versatile too. We’ve gone for chickpeas in particular here because we just love what you can do with them. Use chickpea water to make a vegan chocolate mousse (yes, really- check out this recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen), roast them for a tasty snack, add to soups, casseroles and curries, or blend to make hummus. A true vegan must-have and perfect for autumn dishes that sizzle!

Sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are delicious any time of year, but there’s something about the comfort of them when its cooler outside. Boiled, mashed, roasted of toasted- sweet potatoes are always on our shopping list! And guess what? You can make brownies with them too. See this recipe from Delicouslly Ella and let us know if you try them!


Bursting with nutrients, we just love quinoa and the way it spruces up practically any dish throughout the autumn. We’re particularly loving creating less summery salads using quinoa, with combinations such as bell peppers, peas and spices. Quinoa is full of protein (including all essential amino acids), iron, zinc, and fibre, and again so very versatile. Along with salads, we’e been experimenting with porridge and puddings too. Try it and see what you think!


We’ve celebrated kale on this blog before, but its always worth another mention! We love kale. Roasted, steamed and tossed through a salad. In a soup or in a smoothie. We just haven’t worked out how to make it into a dessert yet…Top Five Vegan Must-haves for


Figs are bang in season right now, and tasting amazing. Seriously, you need figs on your shopping list. And before you assume there is little you can do with a fig, let us tell you straight. Figs can be roasted or poached, potted, made into compote, turned into jams and chutneys. There are so many ways you can use them, but for us its all about the cake. Of course! Check out this recipe for an amazing vegan dark chocolate and fig cake from The Baking Fairy!