Top Three Little Travel Essentials this Summer

Top Three Little Travel Essentials this summer finally upon us and the great British weather actually living up to the season, lots of us are enjoying a little extra time outdoors. Hooray! That’s what summer was made for! Lots of us are also planning our summer getaways right now and some have had their flights out of here booked for months. If that’s you then you won’t want to miss this week’s post. Because we know that travelling is exciting, but can really take it out of you, we’ve been researching the items that everyone really should be packing to take along for the ride with them. Here are our top three little travel essentials this summer. Don’t leave home without them!

Essential Oils

Lets face it, it doesn’t matter where you plan on ending up, travelling can be stressful! For some of us the anxiety caused by getting from A to B can even put us off the idea of a much deserved holiday altogether. If this sounds familiar, then please please don’t forget to pack some essential oils this summer!

Whether you’re dealing with lack of sleep, travel related stress, sunburn or or maybe even feeling under the weather – essential oils might be the remedy you’re looking for. We love lavender tea tree for those times where flying brings you out with a stuffy nose – and its great for calming too. Another one to try for maintaining a sense of calm is Vetiver – particularly good for those who are nervous travellers.

If you suffer from digestive issues during travelling (and isn’t it the worst?!) then ginger essential oil is the one for you. Like peppermint – another good option – ginger is known to settle digestive issues such as constipation. But our number one essential oil we think that everyone should make sure they take away with them? Lavender.

Lavender is famous for its calming properties and will help you to relax during stressful times, can help you to sleep when you need to, and can even be used on sunburn if you find yourself suffering. It can also be used on scrapes and cuts so really it should be in your first aid kit pronto.Top Three Little Travel Essentials this

Cocoa butter

If you pack lightly, cocoa butter can be in the form of a little stick. If you have room, go for a tub. The important thing is that you take some. Why cocoa butter? Because it has so many uses, that’s why! And chances are good that if you forget to pack it, you can pick some up easily at the airport before you ravel too.

Cocoa butter can be used as a lip balm, a moisturiser for hands and face and as a soothing eye cream… like we said, it has many uses! Small cocoa butter sticks are not expensive and fit neatly into the smallest of pockets-making it the ideal travel essential this summer. And yes, it can be used to soothe sore or sunburned skin too.

Hydrating facial mist

Top Three Little Travel Essentials this might be a tricky one to take along if you’re flying, but pack it in your suitcase because you’ll benefit from it every single day while you’re away. And since we’re on the topic, hydrating facial mists are THE BEST thing to be using right now. Summer tends to dry out our skin if we’re not careful, and no matter how hard we try to remain cool, calm and collected, even the best of us tend to get a little hot and bothered at times. If you have a hydrating facial mist on hand you’re able to cool yourself down and give your skin a treat at the same time. Bonus!

There are facial mists that you can buy, but you can make your own too. Try this simple recipe:

  • Half a cup of organic rose water
  • A few drops of vitamin E oil
  • Three drops of ylang ylang essential oil


Simply combine all ingredients together in a small spray bottle and use as and when needed. Perfect!

What are you travel essentials this summer?