Unplug for Better Skin

We;e written before about the benefits of unplugging from today’s manic technology obsessed society now and then, and this week we’re going to explore this a little further. We think you might be interested to know that taking a break from your phone or your iPad could actually help improve not only your emotional wellbeing, but the condition of your skin too. Read on to find out more about how you can unplug for better skin…

Unplug for Better Skin_LittleSoapCompany.co.ukWe spend a long time staring at a screen!

Every day, we spend many, many hours staring at a screen. Be it a computer, a phone, a tablet, a TV… we’re never far from an electrical device these days. And for many of us, this can be unavoidable. We need computers to work, we need social media to connect, we need to unwind with a good movie after a long day… But if we took away all essential screen time from our lives, and were really honest with ourselves, how many of us continue to stare at a screen long after we’ve done what we really needed to do? We’ve become dependent upon screens. And it not only impacts on our relationships with those around us (hello, ignoring friend in coffee shop because we’re too busy chatting to friends on Facebook!) but it can be damaging to our health too.

How does screen time affect our health?

Too much time looking at a screen before bed can hinder out body’s ability to produce melatonin, the hormone we need to be able to fall asleep at night. Not enough sleep impacts everything. We become over tired, irritable, stressed, more likely to gain weight, more likely to suffer break outs and other skin conditions, suffer low moods and lack of concentration. Not only that, but have to ever looked at your facial expression while you’re staring at a screen? Lots of us tend to frown or squint (not great for the eyes, or the wrinkles!) and studies have found that too much time online can be stressful, lead to feelings of anxiety and low self esteem and lower your overall happiness levels.

Not good!

Unplug for  better skin?

Hopefully already you can see why taking a break from technology can be good for your skin. Stress is one the biggest reasons why our skin might suffer from spots, rashes, dryness etc- and we are contributing to that every single day. So how can we reduce our screen time and take better care of ourselves? Here are three gentle tips that could help:

  • Set some boundaries. Now that you know the damage that can be done by being online for too long, do something about it! Make sure that you are in control now, not your smart phone! Promise yourself you won’t pick up your phone after 7pm, for example. If you find that hard, put it in another room. Remember that you are in charge, and under no circumstances bring your phone to bed! Remember that nothing on that screen can’t wait until the morning, when you’re refreshed and in a better place to deal with whatever it is.
  • Realise the importance of sleep, and how your screen use is impacting on that. Sleep is so so so so important for every single aspect of our health and well being.  Sleep is that magical time where our bodies are repairing and recharging ready for another busy day. Without enough sleep we are not going to function at optimal capacity, there are just no two ways about it. When you prioritise sleep, your whole body benefits. Your skin will thank you for taking an early night or two, and for putting your phone down in favour of a nap.
  • Replace your habit with a better one. Find yourself reaching for your phone more now that you’ve decided to limit your screen time? Then go take a walk. Without your phone. Pick up your real camera instead of your phone when you want to take a picture (we all know how it goes. Take a photo, post to Instagram, lose half an hour liking snaps of cats and birthday cakes…). Take a nap. Go to the gym. Do something that will benefit your body and mind, and will stop you losing yourself online.

Take the pledge today. Unplug for better skin and relish in a new world of freedom!