Veganuary: Our Top Five Influencers to Watch in 2020

Veganuary: Our Top Five Influencers to Watch in week we gave you a few more reasons why Veganuary might be the way forward for you this month- and indeed for the rest of the year, and beyond. This week we’re looking at the top influencers who are helping to make a plant based way of life more mainstream. The writers, vloggers Instagrammers and podcasters who are working to bring Veganism to the table of more and more households- and helping to ensure that we as a global community are consuming less animal products in general. Here are our top five influencers to watch in 2020.

Accidentally Vegan UK

If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle and not sure where to start, Accidentally Vegan UK over on Instagram is an amazing resource! Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny that this Instagram account is making great waves when it comes to offering a helping hand to those who are struggling with various treats they’re missing since adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Accidentally Vegan UK brings you news on all the best in vegan and ‘unlikely’ vegan products you can include in your weekly grocery shop, which can be a godsend for many starting out. You’d be surprised at how the odd Oreo can make the transition from animal based eating! We love this account because its run by The Vegan Kind Supermarket and it helps newbies see how accessible Veganism really can be.

The Little London Vegan

Looking for somewhere to grab breakfast in the big smoke? Travelling further afield and keen to find the best vegan restaurants? Look no further. We love this blog because its an amazing resource of the most mouth watering dishes that writer Claire has sampled throughout London and beyond. Not only that, but the blog provides some insightful commentary on the issues that concern us too- the post Plastic deserves a read if nothing else. Another influencer working hard to help the recently transitioned vegans navigate their way with a little more ease.


The boys behind Bosh. TV, Henry and Ian, have worked wonders for both newbie and seasoned vegans when it comes to making adventurous and delicious meals more accessible. With three cookbooks under their belt plus an amazing Instagram account, we totally recommend you check them out if you haven’t already!

We love Bosh! because they are dedicated to helping ‘everyone eat more plants’ and while their recipes are certainly innovative and exciting, the boys work hard to make sure they’re accessible too. Banana chocolate mousse anyone? How about Nasi Goreng? You don’t need to buy the books to appreciate the food- but we bet you’ll want to!

Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!

This is no ordinary vegan podcast, and we think you’ll see that for yourself after just a few minutes. The origins behind the name Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!  is nowhere near as aggressive as it sounds, rather it  “reflects us taking strong stances on tough topics and Veganuary: Our Top Five Influencers to Watch in“attacking” them head on! We want our tongue-in-cheek name to be a cute reminder that all of us vegans are total badasses by being and staying vegan in this carnist world. Our fellow vegans should feel powerful and empowered!” and we could not love this more.

Callie and Nichole are amazing at tackling the issues that face us all in today’s world, and coming at them from a vegan point of view makes it compelling listening. These girls are passionate, insightful and a joy to listen to- get them in your earbuds now and let us know what you think to episode 261, in which the girls talk about Veganuary specifically.

Oh She Glows

What more can we say, apart from YUM! Looking at Oh She Glows’ grid makes our mouth water and tummies rumble instantly! Seriously, Angela’s recipes are amazing- and her photography will convince you that this is one delicious lifestyle to stick with! Here at Little Soap HQ we’re currently drooling over her flourless chocolate brownies, and we find this account is one we go back to time and again when we need some midweek inspiration too. Go check her out now!

So who are your top vegan influencers? Do share in the comments!