What to look for when you buy organic skincare

Little Soap Company is an eco-savvy handmade pure soap company with heaps of energy and attitude. Soap is the foundation to any good skin care regime and we feel the need to be vocal about good green skincare, the environment and trying to reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetics people unwittingly rub into their skin

Your skin is important, and that’s why what you put on it makes a huge difference. We’re huge advocates of natural beauty remedies, and when it comes to our skin we never compromise on that. But do you really know what you’re putting on your skin when you buy your beauty products? Whatever goes onto your skin goes into your body, so it’s time you knew what to look for when you buy organic skincare!

What to look for when you buy organic skincare~ LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

Read the labels!

We can’t stress this enough. Read up on what your product contains and how it is made, so that you can make an informed choice!

Know what the labels mean

So you see the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ and you think you’re home and dry. Well, not always. There may well be natural and organic ingredients in that face cream you’ve had your eye on, but make sure they are not added alongside nasty chemicals too!

Avoid the following…

There are a few things you DON’T want to see on the label of your new bar of soap. These include:

  • Parabens and other chemicals. For more information on nasty chemicals lurking in skincare products, see this article from Living Pretty Naturally.
  • Tested on animals. It goes without saying- we like our soaps to be cruelty free!
  • Fragrance. We all like a nice smelling bar of soap, but did you know that this word often means manufacturers then avoid listing the ingredients of that fragrance? Essential oils work best as fragrances that will not cause adverse affects.

Read beyond the label

Sometimes what the label says isn’t always what the label means. If you read all the ingredients carefully, you might notice a small asterisk * beside some of them… often the extra information that follows that asterisk is worth reading twice!

It’s also worth doing a little independent research into your products too. Don’t just rely on the label on the bottle; go straight to the brand’s website and check out their policies and ethos too.

Ask around- read beauty blogs, natural living blogs and talk to like minded friends too. What products do they recommend? Are they effective? Sometimes brands can try to convince us that natural products do’t work as well as mass manufactured alternatives that are pumped with chemicals. This, of course, is nonsense, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it from someone else too.

Organic skincare products are becoming more and more widely available, as more people realise the benefits of saying no to chemicals on their skin. And while it may be true that such products ‘only contain a small amount of nasties’, over time this small amount accumulates and ends up playing havoc with your skin. It makes sense then to make the switch now (if you haven’t already) and you might just find that any skin complaints you’ve been suffering from will start to improve!

What are your top tips for choosing organic skincare products?