World Water Day and Little

World Water Day and Little Soap

World Water Day and Little

Some of you may already know that World Water Day took place on March 22nd, so we wanted to take some time to explain what exactly that means to us here at Little Soap. And, naturally- what it means to you as a loyal customer too. Read on to find out more about World Water Day and Little Soap.

World Water Day is a global campaign that aims to raise awareness of the amazing resource that many of us across the globe take for granted, and that many-sadly- still do not have access to in their every day lives. There are many communities around the world who face drought, unclean water, unsustainable supplies and no access to sanitation at all.

The theme for this year’s World Water Day is ‘Valuing Water’ and quite simply, that means we’re being urged to think about exactly what water means to us. Here in the UK we’re lucky enough to have access to clean running water daily- and often we forget that’s its a far cry from the situation that many others face around the world. This year, we’re being asked to really think about how we use water, how it’s essential to our lives, our businesses and our wellbeing- so that we can truly appreciate it as a precious resource, and gain a better understanding of the challenges others face when water is in short supply. Basically, we’re being asked to truly value water, and to celebrate it too.

What does World Water Day mean to Little Soap?

Regular readers and customers will already know that we are passionate about our planet, and the ways that we can preserve it for future generations. We know that water is a precious resource that must not be taken for granted. We are lucky to have it, we must protect it! So how do we, as a business, ensure that we do all that we can to truly value water?

All of our products are made using ethically sourced. natural ingredients. We’re vegan, cruelty-free and 100% hand-crafted in the UK. We’re proud to guarantee that every bar of soap we produce is made using the finest, pure ingredients containing only pure essential oils to create uplifting, nurturing scents. These are soaps that gently work in harmony with your skin and with the planet. So in terms of water, this means:

  1. We don’t use plastic in our products and we have never used micro-beads- we were huge advocates for the ban of these little nasties!
  2. We encourage the use of less water with our products. Our soaps produce a rich, luxurious foam (without the use of chemicals) that means you get a jolly good wash with less.
  3. We don’t use ingredients that aren’t safe to drain away. Using natural ingredients means that our soaps are safe to use and won’t harm the water either. No parabens, no synthetic ingredients in un-recyclable plastic bottles, no pollutants and no other nasties what-so-ever.
How do you know which brands to trust?

It’s not always easy to know which brands have the planet’s best interests at heart. But you can rest assured that Little Soap likes to shout as loud as we can about our green credentials! Last year, we were awarded B-Corp status, which means that we’ve been recognised as an ethical, responsible company, focused not just on profit, but on improving the planet and creating a fairer, inclusive, sustainable society. It means that we’re part of a movement to lead the way to a better way and that it’s not just our products which are ethical and beneficial, but our business values and practices too. It means that you can trust us to do what we can to improve our treatment of the planet, full-stop.

Support World Water Day

Please get involved with the campaign this year. Visit the website to see how you can support the mission. Use the hashtag #WorldWaterDay to share your story on what water means to you. Get involved and let the world know that you care too.