Young Enterprise Charter

Young Enterprise has recently launched a charter which calls on business, government and educators to help every young person succeed through a commitment to increasing enterprise education, employer engagement and volunteering time.

UK Chief Executive, John May, explains the reason for the introduction of the Charter:

“I am sure you will have noticed that business leaders, politicians and educators are increasingly discussing how ill-equipped young people are when they enter the workplace. As you know, we believe enterprise education is part of the solution to rectify this situation but to be truly effective, we need teachers, employers, employees, and young people, all to come together to share their skills. Together we can inspire the future business leaders, entrepreneurs and enterprising employees of tomorrow who will compete globally and drive the UK’s economic growth”.

Please find below a link that will allow you to sign up to our Charter before it is presented to Parliament in the autumn:

Please share this link to any colleagues, business contacts, friends or family that you think would be interested in supporting us in helping to make this change happen….