Your Little Guide to Winter Skincare

Your Little Guide to Winter the temperature drops and the central heating rises, skin all around the country inevitably starts to suffer! Yes, winter is approaching and with it a much needed adaptation to your daily skincare routine. Regular readers will know how much importance we place upon the ritual of regularly updating your beauty and skincare routine in line with the changing seasons, so we’ll cut to the chase. This week we present to you your little guide to winter skincare. Do let us know in the comment which products you’re loving at the moment too.

Think of winter skincare like your winter wardrobe…

One of the first things we do when the weather gets cold? We layer up. And as winter settles in, the same applies to your skincare too. Now, we’re not suggesting you should go ahead and use every product under the sun just because its cold, but we are saying that you might need to add one or two new products to your existing routine to compliment the what you’re already doing and to protect against the elements this winter.

Start at the beginning. Consider the soap or shower gel you’re using to cleanse. The last thing you want toYour Little Guide to Winter use is a product full of chemicals and other nasties that will do nothing more than dry out your skin. Opt for natural ingredients that will nourish and protect from the word go. Our brand new Organic Grapefruit and Orange shower gel is made with the finest natural ingredients and is totally free from detergents, SLS, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones, sulphates and preservatives. This means you can start the day the right way!

Follow up your shower gel with a luxurious moisturiser made using only natural ingredients and for your face use only a gentle cleanser. Our Natural Cleansing Zest Lemon soap bar is perfect for
face and body and will leave you feeling refreshed and awake and- most importantly- ready for the day. Finish with a hydrating moisturiser to protect your face from the  elements. That, my friends, is how you layer your skincare.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Your Little Guide to Winter can be SO drying for your skin, so let this be your mantra from now on. Hydrate your body, and hydrate your skin. Take a bottle of water (re-usable!) with you wherever you go. Eat lots of foods that will naturally hydrate you such as cucumber, celery, courgettes and cauliflower. Good, whole foods!

When it comes to the products you use on your skin, think hydration too. Our Organic Grapefruit and Orange lotion is an ideal way to ensure your whole body is hydrated and winter ready. The essential oils will provide your skin with an extra boost right when it needs it most.

Don’t skip your routine

We all know how it goes. You’ve had a long day. Its cold and dark and all you want to do is snuggle up inside and relax. But skipping your skincare routine at the end of the day is probably one of
the worst things you could do- and especially during the winter months! Failing to remove your makeup or to spend another 10-15minutes on your skincare routine before you go to bed can result in a build up of toxins and bacteria settling into your pores. What’s more, leaving dead skin cells to sit on the surface of your skin can result in break outs, dry patches and other skin irritations, made worse by the fact that most places we visit during the winter are artificially heated- another reason to step up the skincare routine.

Make it a part of your daily routine. A non-negotiable way to end the day.