Your Ultimate Little Soap Christmas Gift Guide

Holidays are coming! Hands up who’s as excited as we are? We LOVE this time of year, and we aren’t afraid to say it either! I mean, what’s not to love? All the food, the lights, the social gatherings… and let’s not beat about the bush- we love the gifts too. Now we’re only being honest, but surely everyone loves to find a special something under the tree at Christmas, don’t they? And being the person who put that special something under the tree is an wonderful feeling too. That’s why we decided to put together your ultimate Little Soap Christmas gift guide. This year, we can all make it amazing underneath that tree!

For Busy Mums*

We love our mums, and we want to show it this Christmas. Our beautiful Organic Luxury hamper is just perfect for that special Your Ultimate Little Soap Christmas Gift Guidelady in your life. Packaged in a wonderful reusable Broadway box, the hamper contains everything mum needs to relax, unwind and soothe at the end of a busy day. This one is going to last longer than a bunch of flowers! Each hamper is packed with our favourites, including our Pure English Lavender Bar Soap, our ever popular Pure Rose Geranium Foaming body wash and much, much more! Full details can be found on the site. * This hamper is perfect for busy mums, but don’t let that put you off splashing out for that special someone else too. This time of year, we all deserve a special treat and this is an amazing way to show we care! £75

For stressed out friends 

We all have that one friend, don’t we? The one who ends up staying late at the office day after day. The one who’s always either turning down nights out or turning up late and stressed. The one who just simply cannot seem to relax? Well, our wonderful Organic Pure Rose Geranium pamper set is the ideal gift for that friend!

Rose Geranium is known for it’s ability to balance hormones, relieve stress and reduce symptoms of low mood and anxiety- so it’s perfect for anyone that takes life at 100 miles an hour! Each pamper set contains the finest Little Soap Pure Rose Geranium products and is guaranteed to pop a smile on that stressed out friend’s face! Also available in Pure English Lavender. £40

For those who crave sleep

Let’s face it, most of us are busy! Be it with with work, family or other commitments- for the majority of us, life tends to move atYour Ultimate Little Soap Christmas Gift Guide super speed and we rarely have the time to stop and take stock of our achievements. We have even less time to stop and consider the things in our lives that need improvement too. Let’s change that!

Our gorgeous Organic Pure English Lavender Essentials Pack   is the ideal gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement to slow down now and then! Filled with all of our super little Pure English Lavender goodies, this one is guaranteed to help turn exhaustion into a thing of the past. Lavender is well known for it’s relaxing properties- combine that with a long and luxurious soak in the bath and you’re onto a winner! This pack is also available in Organic Pure Rose Geranium. £25

For those who are never home

People who travel a lot, either for work or for pleasure, are always hard to buy for! But don’t let their lack of daily presence put your off this year. Our super little travel candles are just perfect to pop into their stockings this Christmas! Choose from ether English Lavender or Pure Rose Geranium and give the gift of a little home comfort for their next trip away. Also available as home candle and luxury 3 wick candle. from £13.99

For our four legged friends 

Your Ultimate Little Soap Christmas Gift GuideThere’s no way we could write a gift guide without including our beloved little beasts! This year, treat your pooch to a gift set with a difference, and one that is not only useful and practical, but one that you will both love for it’s luxurious results! Each Organic Little Beast Pet Pack contains all of our signature Little Beast products, designed to ensure your furry friend is not only clean and well groomed, but smelling as gorgeous as you too!

Each set contains our pet shampoo, pet spritz and soap bar. £26.50

Our Gift Sets

We’re so excited to be able to bring you such wonderful gift sets to help make your shopping a little easier this Christmas! Whether you go for our luxury hamper or our beautiful soap sets, you’re sure to make someone smile- and what a feeling it will be to know you’re that someone who popped the perfect present under the tree this year!

Full details for each product can be found on the site and if you have any questions at all, please just ask as we’re always happy to help. Happy shopping!