Zero Waste Week – 5 Ethical and Sustainable Small Brands We Love

Welcome to Zero Waste Week! These seven days are dedicated to raising awareness of the zero-waste lifestyle, and to help others become more eco-conscious along the way. Wherever you are in your journey, join us this week as we celebrate the top five ethical and sustainable small beauty brands we love.

Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse are an amazing small brand that has been rescuing and transforming raw materials into luxury lifestyle products since 2005, making a zero-waste lifestyle accessible to more. We’re talking beauty bags, wallets, accessories, phone cases, notebooks, homeware… stunning products that give back 50% of profits to charities related to the unique materials that they rescue.

“At Elvis & Kresse we have 2 additional measures of success; how much waste we are able to divert from landfill and how much money we are able to give back to our charities, of which all 3 have equal importance to us.”

At Little Soap we love: this gorgeous desk tidy, made from decommissioned firehose and with profits from the sale going to The Zero Waste Week: 5 ethical and sustainable brands we Charity; this stunning backpack– also made from decommissioned firehose, alone with rescued Burberry leather; this beautiful rescued leather and firehose notebook.

You can also book workshops where you can learn how to design and make your own rescued treasures too.

Global WakeCup

Global WakeCup is a gorgeous little zero waste reusables brand that prides itself on its mission: to end single-use plastic pollution once and for all. Partnering with the Marine Conservation Society, 10% of Global WakeCup’s profits go straight to them and the brand is also donating water bottles to NHS staff during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Alongside this amazing work, the brand also works hard to campaign for change from within their industry too:

“From our #1weekplasticfree challenge to our podcast on climate action, we’re constantly campaigning for change at an industry and everyday level. Get involved by connecting with us on Instagram for daily zero waste inspiration. Small changes matter, so we hope that we can give you the tools to make a difference.”

At Little Soap we love: this stunning copper water bottle and this amazing self-cleaning UV water bottle; this really clever WakeBag rucksack made from poly paper fibres; this fantastic zero waste kit (perfect for gifts!), containing everything you need to get started on your zero waste journey- black backpack with 100% paper finish, pure copper water bottle and reusable bamboo straws. Love it!

Tabitha Eve Co

Zero Waste Week: 5 ethical and sustainable brands we Eve Co makes absolutely gorgeous handmade cotton and bamboo homeware, designed to help you transition into and effortlessly maintain a zero-waste lifestyle. With a firm belief that everyone has the ability to reduce their carbon footprint, Tabitha EveCo don’t
compromise luxury when they source their materials- all ethically produced and organic wherever possible, with a focus on recycling and reusing as much as they can.

With everything handmade in the studio in South Wales, Tabitha Eve Co is one of the small brands that we find really inspiring when it comes to adopting and maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle- and we think you will too.

At Little Soap we love: this super handy cotton soap saver; these gorgeous hair scrunchies; these lovely (and very necessary!) face coverings, made with pockets for filters and available in adult and child sizes.

Mama Designs

Mama Designs creates gorgeous design-led, practical products for both babies and their mamas. Emerging from a need back in 2008, where founder Keira was on maternity leave and felt self-conscious about breastfeeding in public, the brand now boasts a range of products that enable you to look after yourself and your child, whilst doing your bit to be environmentally-friendly.

“I now have a whole range of products all designed with love in the UK, and mostly as a direct response to problems I came across as a mum.”

Their reusable washable sanitary pads are a perfect example of their promise in action. Designed to be both slim & discrete, these pads help you save a fortune versus disposables, but also help you do your bit for the planet too.

At Little Soap we love: this gorgeous Babasac multi-tog baby sleeping bag and this cute quilted padded playmat.


When it comes to zero-waste oral health, you need to look no further than Georganics! Created after founder, Alessandro, began to formulate his own toothpaste, Georganics is now one of Europe’s most trusted brands of natural oral care:

“At the heart of our business is our impact on the planet so we keep our environmental footprint low…

we only use pure, natural and organic ingredients for all of our products. This means that we are able to look you straight in the eye when we tell you that this is oral care done naturally.”

Georganics are committed to their mission to reduce the number of plastic toothpaste tubes and brushes that are sent to landfill each year –Zero Waste Week: 5 ethical and sustainable brands we pointing out that in the UK none of these items is able to be recycled. This means that potentially 260 million brushes and 300 million tubes are dumped each year alone. Its time to make a stop to that!

At Little Soap we love: orange dental floss– safe for children to use and made with compostable corn-based PLA; the super fresh English peppermint natural toothpaste; this amazing sonic technology toothbrush, made using recyclable materials.