B Corp Impact Report 2021/22

Here we’ll take you through all the parts of our business including what we have done, and continue to do, for the planet, for nature and our communities.

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As a company, it’s been our mission to achieve good for the planet and our people since our early days, but this is the first time capturing this in one place. What we have done, and continue to do, for the planet, for nature, and for communities, belies our name ‘Little Soap Company’. We’ve already made a big impact and we have even bigger ambitions.

We achieved B Corp accreditation in November 2020, and stands as one of our proudest moments for the brand. It recognised how engrained our purpose and values are in our brands, and the impact we’ve made in our industry.

Welcome to our first ever Impact Report!

Photo of our founder Emma Heathcote-James with dog Henry.


Our Highlights

What we have achieved so far.


Icon with title of "Making pure, natural soap accessible to all" with sub-points including ">3,500 doors stocking our products" and "Products below £3.45 (on average|" and another icon with title "Investing in our People & Suppliers" with sub-points including "9.8/10 are proud to work for Little Soap" and "9.8/10 suppliers feel valued by Little Soap"

Icon with title of "Championing natural, healthy skin & hair" with sub-points including ">6,000 five-star reviews", "69 awards won" and "Certified vegan & cruelty free" and another icon with title "Partnership with charities" with sub-points including "Supporting & donating to the Sumatran Orangutan Society" and "Charity donations including Dogs for Goods, NHS, Waitrose Garden Party & local hospitals"

Icon with title of "Eliminating waste in bathrooms" with sub-points including "Eco Warrior has saved more than 2 million bottles to date" and another icon with title "Sharing our Knowledge & Resources" with sub-points including "5000+ trained in Little Soap School sessions" and "Eco Bathroom campaign reached 360,000"


Our Pillars

One Little Soap Company… Four Big Goals which drive our business.


"Big Solutions - Innovative solutions to the biggest issues in our industry today" and "Big Voice - Utilising our platforms for good. Speaking about issues, raising awareness, educating and stimulating discussion."

"Big Heart - Sharing our resources and knowledge, giving back to communities and the environment - to be a force for good in the world." and "Big Commitment - To our people and our suppliers those driving our mission to be a force for good."


Our Vision

What we hope to achieve in the future.


Icon with title of "Trialling new materials, ingredients & categories" with sub-points including "To offer new sustainable replacements of the everyday beauty favourites" and "Improving inclusion in products, and making them accessible as possible" and another icon with title "Investing in our people & suppliers" with sub-points including "Continuing to ensure our supply chain is as sustainable as possible, through new materials and eco-friendly logistics partners.""

Icon with title of "Understand & improve our products' impact" with sub-points including "Through research in how we are saving plastic and water with our bars and concentrated liquids" and another icon with title "Our Charity Partnerships" with sub-points including "An additional £2,500 raised for SOS and supporting their reforestation project. Exploring new local partners and how we can get involved."."

Icon with title of "Our campaigns" with sub-points including "Launching our Eco Warrior Podcast and researching ways we can enable customers to offset their carbon" and another icon with title "Sharing our knowledge & resources" with sub-points including "Expanding the reach of our Soap School project, by levelling up our online and at-home kits."


Download & read our full Impact Report here >