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Five Little Environnmental Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap

Five Little Environmental Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap

We’re over halfway through Plastic Free July, and over on socials we’ve been delving a little into the environmental impact of switching to bar soap. It’s something we believe everyone should be at least considering by now- it’s simply not good enough to say you didn’t realise, or hadn’t been made aware of the benefits. We, and others, talk all the time about the negative consequences of intense mass manufacturing and the devastating effects of plastic pollution… now, it’s time we all did something about it!

And because we believe that our work as eco-warriors is never truly done, in this blog post we’re harping on about it some more. Here are just five little environmental reasons to switch to bar soap. Please share far and wide, let’s leave nobody behind in this journey towards a plastic free planet!

Our bar soaps are chemical Free

All of our products are free from nasty chemicals that are known to damage our planet. They always have been. We don’t ever use synthetic fragrances, silicones, alcohol or dyes. We believe that the soap you use on your body should be as natural as possible, and for many reasons.

Not only is your skin the largest organ on your body, but it’s super porous too- so whatever you put on it will be absorbed into the body. So any chemicals that might have been used in the production of liquid soaps and harsh detergents will find their way into your body too. But more than that, we shun the chemicals because when you wash the soap down the plughole, we want to make sure that we’re not doing damage further downstream. That means no chemicals, no microplastics and no toxins being released into our oceans via Little Soap Company. Ever.

Our bar soap saves Water

Every time we turn the tap on, the water flows freely. It rains a fair bit in the UK too. So why is it important to save water, when we appear to have a plentiful supply of it? The answer is soberingly simple; climate change. 

The damage that has already been wreaked on our planet is having a devastating effect. Temperatures are rising and global water supplies are becoming more and more unpredictable. As it stands, the growing demand for more water in the UK is drastically out of balance with the amount of water we’re able to supply. And according to Water Wise, if things do not change here in the UK, we’re facing water shortages by 2050.

Yet another reason to make the switch! The production of bar soap requires far less water to begin with, resulting in a smaller negative impact on water resources and reducing its carbon footprint overall. Not only that, but bar soap requires less water to be effective, and most people will go through at least six bottles of liquid soap in the same time as it takes to use just one soap bar!

Five Little Environmental Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap

Our bar soap helps you on your plastic free journey

We know it’s all very well and good to promote a zero plastic lifestyle, but we also know that in reality, it’s not always that easy to do. Plastic is everywhere, and in some cases it’s unavoidable. But in cases where you can find an eco-friendly alternative, we think you should- and bar soap is an excellent place to start. 

Each and every bar soap you buy will save between two and five plastic bottles from being produced. That is huge! That means the next time you buy a bar of soap, you automatically reduce plastic waste and you cut down on the amount of natural resources that are required to make that plastic bottle. You also help to prevent the chances of more plastic waste entering the natural environment, and you protect wildlife that may mistake that plastic waste for food. Go you!

Our bar soap reduces energy use

Do you know the true cost of your daily shower? Calculating your own personal carbon footprint can be pretty alarming, but luckily there are loads of ways that you can make real positive changes. Number one, of course, is switching to bar soap!

We often talk about the fact that bar soap has a much smaller carbon footprint than liquid alternatives- in fact, this study from 2009 found that the difference is startling- liquid soap’s footprint is 25% bigger! 

Liquid soap also requires five times more energy to produce, and 20 times more energy to package- not to mention the extra energy that’s required to transport it from factory to shop, given its higher weight.

Of course, it’s really important to go for a bar soap that has sustainable packaging too. Avoid brands that wrap theirs in plastic, and you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint even further. Here at Little Soap, we have a plastic free supply chain. We use cardboard for our outer cases and when we send online orders out we only use boxes, paper wrap, shredded or zigzag paper and corrugated cardboard- all of which are biodegradable and recyclable. By the way, all of our cartons are 100% recyclable and the glossy varnish is made from a recyclable resin made from non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and non-reproductive toxic raw materials. No solvents, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Five Little Environmental Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap

Our bar soap contains natural ingredients

It’s not enough to just be a bar of soap and claim to be better than liquid soap. What’s inside counts too, and that’s why we use natural ingredients to nourish and protect your skin, and the environment. All our ingredients are high quality, non-toxic and biodegradable. Our soap doesn’t impact marine life, and every bar is a proper soap with no nasties- not a detergent. 

A natural ingredient is one that is naturally grown, and we clearly state the percentage in our Naturals and Eco Warrior Range. We’re proud that they’re the highest they can be and we won’t ever misuse the term ‘natural’.

We’re passionate about ensuring this kind of clarity is always sitting at the heart of everything we do. It allows you to make informed decisions about how natural, how organic and how good for you and our planet our products are.