Four Zero Waste Bloggers we Love

Four Zero Waste Bloggers we Love Right no secret that blog reading is one of our favourite pastimes here at Little Soap HQ, and a really great way to retrieve and digest up to date information quickly, succinctly and efficiently. We like efficient! It’s often through reading blogs that we discover the latest developments and trends in the topics that we’re passionate about. We discover new voices, new campaigners and new ideas to challenge our own. We learn more about how the world is thinking and what others are doing. Blogs open up new opportunities to improve on our own knowledge and to influence our own actions- so if you’re not reading any right now, then you need to put that right! To highlight exactly what we mean, hot on the heels of our recent post on the amazing dog bloggers we love, here are four zero waste bloggers that we love right now- and we recommend you check them out now!

Concious By Chloe

French born, Chloe began to travel the world after studying abroad, and it’s clear that she brings this global awareness to her writing on her blog, Conscious By Chloe.  We love this blog for the diversity it brings and for the range of topics she tackles regularly. Chloe’s subject matters range from, in her own words: “feminist literature to sustainable fashion to backcountry snowboarding — with curiosity & creativity as the common thread.”

Alongside the blog, Chloe runs zero waste workshops in her current home town of Portland, Oregon, where she takes participants on a zero waste home tour- teaching them how to bulk buy and to make zero waste food wraps whilst generously opening up her home to show just how accessible becoming zero waste can be. Amazing!

Read this blog to brush up on zero waste concepts, ideas and tips for living a greener, more sustainable life. We particular love her posts on Habits Shifts– with easy to manage tips to help make swaps that improve your carbon footprint and help you along your zero waste journey.

Zero Waste Home

Bea’s biography page showcases a photo of a small mason jar half filled with any scraps of paper, a couple of old receipts and possibly a wrapper of some sort. The caption for the photo reads: “My family’s trash for 2018” and this simply sums up why we love Zero Waste Home so much!

Written from her home town of California, Bea’s blog takes us on a journey with her family and guides us through how she initiated a global movement in her efforts to live a zero waste life. Her motto: “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (and only in that order).” is evident throughout her writing and she talks passionately about not only the work that she does as a zero waste lifestyle expert, but as a mum who loves to travel and discover new cultures too.

We love Bea’s Instagram for it’s beautiful photos and honest tips she shares. Check it out now!Four Zero Waste Bloggers we Love Right

Hungry City Hippy

Jane’s gorgeous blog, Hungry City Hippy is a true food-lover’s delight! With a number of awards under her belt, Jane writes passionately about the changes we can all make to life a more zero waste lifestyle, along with some amazing restaurant reviews, recipes and life hacks thrown in for good measure. And if that wasn’t enough, Jane also co-hosts The Hank!- a Cardiff Food podcast that highlights stories from the local food and drink scene in her home town.

We love Jane’s recipe for a versatile curry paste that helps you to use up left overs, plus her recent post on how Covid-19 has affected our relationship with nature is definitely a must read. Go and read it now.

Gypsy Soul

With a tag-line reading: “Helping you live a more sustainable & simple life by breaking it down into simple steps”- how can you not want to use die straight in and make some changes towards a zero waste lifestyle? We love Gypsy Soul because there are no assumptions that those who stumble upon her pages know it all. There are no complicated terms or long words thrown in without explanation. There is space for us all, and its this sense of inclusion and community that will truly incite the changes that we need.

Georgina Caro writes about her family’s mission to minimise, simplify and enjoy life- and we think she does it beautifully. We love her simple guide to keeping pets sustainably and the fact that you can choose your viewing experience based on where you are right now in your own zero waste journey. Gypsy Soul caters for ‘fledgling’ ‘middling’ and ‘warriors’ alike and there truly is something for everyone on these pages. From adapting what you put on your plate, to zero waste skincare, to tips on avoiding overwhelm during Plastic Free July (we LOVE this post!)- the diversity and breadth of knowledge Georgina shares with her readers is simply amazing. One to add to your reading list now, people!