Green Beauty Predictions for 2020

Green Beauty Predictions for at Little Soap HQ we love generally chatting about the amazing products and DIY projects we can slip into our beauty bags- how we can improve what we do, what we need to do to ensure our makeup bags are green, and what trends we need to know about right now! Since January is now well under way, we’ve been mulling over current beauty predictions for 2020 and let’s just say, we think we’re all in for a treat! Here are our top three green beauty predictions for 2020…

Slow beauty, becoming blue beauty

You know by now how we feel about the steps we should all be taking to protect our planet- so it should come as no surprise that this is one trend we’re fully behind in 2020.

Let’s break it down. Recent years have seen a huge- and extremely welcome- rise in brands adopting a greener approach to the products they are putting on the market. Retailers such as Lush are producing ‘naked’ cosmetics that are presented without packaging. Other brands are committing to reducing their carbon footprints, using less packaging, turning their backs on needless waste and encouraging a ‘slower’ approach to consumerism. This is all wonderful! So why the change to ‘blue beauty’?

No, we’re not turning our backs on slow beauty. Rather, its evolving as more brands realise the importance of taking a stance on products and methods of production that are destroying our precious oceans. This means protecting the oceans and water supplies, taking pledges to reduce water usage and even creating products that no longer need water at all. This is a welcome trend, don’t you agree?

Protection will be key

We’ll be protecting the planet, and we’ll be protecting our skin too. 2020 looks set to see more and more products specifically designed to combat the pollutants we face every time we step out of the door. To add to this, the importance of sunscreen will also be a consideration for this year, as more brands recognise eat growing demand for every day protection.

With an estimated 91% of the world’s population currently living and creating poor quality air (resulting in 4.2 million deaths per year due to exposure to pollution) this is surely one trend that we all need to be behind in 2020. Anti-pollution skincare, natural remedies to combat UV damage and a better understanding of the stresses our skin faces will thankfully be more accessible- meaning that more of us will be able to take steps to protect ourselves.

More brands will become cleaner, greener and cruelty free

It certainly seems amazing that this is one trend we need to happen in 2020, but its true- and it’s about time! 2020 will be the year that more brands will be forced to adopt changes to become greener, cleaner and cruelty free- or risk being left behind. Consumers are waking up to the things that need to change in order to take the best care of this planet we inhabit, and brands need to keep up with that.

Its no longer possible to ignore the facts, and the so-called ‘green agenda’ will not go away. Changes need to be made to production methods, packaging, waste… With a more minimalist approach to shopping in the new decade, brands are going to have to take heed and make the changes we want to see. We need to get more serious about using less- and its time the bigger brands and high street brands moved with the times!