How Green is Your Pet Routine?

How Green is Your Dog’s no secret that we’re huge dog lovers here at Little Soap HQ, and we love sharing our thoughts and ideas on the many ways in which owning a pet can improve your mind, body and soul. It’s been proven that owning a dog can improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing, and provide a welcome boost your physical health too. Not only that, but studies have found that our precious four legged friends are more likely to help children to grow into happy, confident and active adults too. With all of this in mind, its clear that owning a dog can be very good for you! But is owning a dog good for the environment? This week we’re asking one simple question- and, of course, providing some tips and advice to help you along. So tell us, how green is your dog routine?

What is a ‘green’ dog routine?

A green dog routine, simply put, is a way to stay mindful of not only your own carbon footprint, but your dog’s carbon paw print if you’ll excuse the pun. Being conscious of just how eco-friendly you are as a pet owner is really important, so we hope that our quick tips below will help you on the road towards a green dog routine yourself.

Eco-friendly bath times

Skip the ineffective and overly packaged grooming ‘essentials’ and browse our Little Beast range for eco-friendly bath times! As with our ‘human’ range, our Little Beast Range is organic; made with totally natural products and fragranced with only pure Essential Oil (no synthetic fragrance), using English Lavender Essential Oil which is known to have a calming effect on pets as it does on humans, Apricot Oil which is both nourishing and moisturising and ground coffee granules in the Little Beast Bar which naturally protects against fleas and ticks. Amazing stuff!How Green is Your Dog

Eco-friendly meal times

What you feed your dog is so important; you obviously want the very best for them- but does that nutrition come in plastic packaging from a manufacturer that does not follow eco-friendly practises? Like anything, you need to do your research before you buy if you want to ensure your dog’s food is ticking all the green boxes. Remember Henrietta, founder of Lily’s Kitchen, from our Three Amazing Women Female Founded Brands we Love post back in March? This brand is a fine example of getting it right, whichever way you look at it- definitely one on our trusted list. And its not just what you feed your dog either. We recommend a quick google search for eco-friends dog bowls and then settle back with a cuppa and a tick list to find the brand that fits your criteria.

Eco-friendly play times

Now that shops are starting to open again, you might find yourself tempted to pop in for a new toy to occupy your dog. And in doing so, you might find yourself confronted with rows and rows of brightly coloured and highly engaging toys… all packaged in plastic! Toys are essential for a dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing but if you’re looking to answer the ‘how green is your dog routine’ question, they need to be engaging, durable and eco-friendly too. So where do you start?

Firstly, remember that you get what you pay for and if you’re opting for the cheaper versions then they’re not going to last longer than a quick trip to the park- ultimately ending up in more rubbish potentially being dumped in landfill. Again, research as much as you can and find the brands that deliver.

Eco-friendly… poop times!

It goes without saying that irresponsible dog owner will clean up after their pet and this means constant supplies of poop-bags must be on hand! Without wanting to lower the tone, of course! Poop scooping is a normal part of a dog owner’s life and even this small act can be green. Left where it is. dog poop can have a pretty nasty affect on the environment, and the same goes if its not disposed of properly too. Eliminate the risk of your dog’s waste ending up in lakes, rivers and oceans and dispose of it correctly. Scoop it and place it in a compostable bag and follow your local council’s guidance on how to get rid of it safely.