Three Easy Kitchen Swaps to Reduce Plastic Use in the Home

Continuing on with our mission to help reduce the UK’s use of plastic, this week we’re looking at more ways to cut down on unnecessary waste around the home. As always, we welcome your feedback, ideas and advice- so do let us know if you have a tip to add. If we team together on this, we can all make a real difference. It really is time to make a stand, so here are there easy kitchen swaps you can make today, to reduce plastic use in the home. Let us know in the comments what you think.

Three Easy Kitchen Swaps to Reduce more plastic bags!

The UK’s bigger stores have been charging for the use of carrier bags for a couple of years now, which was a brilliant initiative that many of us have taken on board. The problem is that still so many plastic bags are used each year, with too many shoppers still opting to simply pay 5p rather than making the most of reusable bags. It’s nobody’s fault! We all forget to bring our bags now and then… but it’s time to get serious. Plastic carrier bags are contributing hugely to the vast amounts of landfill each year- and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Lots of supermarkets package their foods in unnecessary plastic. Fruit and vegetables tend to come wrapped in plastic bags. Other products are surrounded by lots of plastic. We buy plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic trays. All of that plastic is definitely not needed. If we do what we can to refuse to buy plastic bags and other packaging, we can make a statement to the manufacturers and urge them to change the way they package their products. And please, everyone- REMEMBER your reusable shopping bags!

Invest in glass containers

They’re stain free, durable and so much nicer to look at. So why not swap all of those plastic containers for good quality mason jars and glass containers instead? In the long run they’ll be more cost effective as not only is it easier to lose the lids from plastic containers, but they really don’t last long either. They’re easily snapped, easily discoloured and easily disposed of. Glass jars are more likely to stay put in your kitchen for the long haul, and are actually a lot better for storing food as they can be sealed air tight even after many uses. These days mason jars aren’t expensive, and you really can’t put a price on saving our planet.

Re-usable drink straws

Disposable straws need to go- NOW. There are loads of options for you here, and with summer picnics just around the corner it makes sense to get organised now. Don’t buy anymore of those useless plastic straws- invest in stainless steel or bamboo versions instead. Way better for the planet, and much less waste too. We love these bamboo straws from Ginger and Jameson and these super cool steel straws from Joie at Lakeland. For more options, go take a look at Ecostrawz– there are some amazing products out there if you look!