Three Great Little Reusable Swaps to Make Right Now

Three Great Little Reusable Swaps You Can Make Right at Little Soap, we’re always looking for new ways that we can improve and do better- and especially when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. We believe there are always more changes we can make, and we’re always open to new ideas and approaches to preserving our planet. So with this in mind, this week we’re sharing three great little reusable swaps to make right now- to bring down your plastic consumption and improve your overall carbon footprint for 2020.

Tea-time swaps

Did you know that tea bags can’t actually be placed into the compost heap or dumped into your green bag because most of them are made from non-biodegradable materials? Lots also contain various toxins that are simply no good for the planet- so maybe its time to swap them out? Instead of tea bags, use loose leaf tea and invest in a good quality reusable tea strainer instead. Less toxins for the planet, and less for your body too.

We love this simple tea strainer from The Floral Fox (plus they plant a tree for every order placed, which is amazing!) and there are loads of fun options to choose from here at The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company too. 

Recyclable toothbrush heads 

We all know that there are many easy swaps we can make in the bathroom- the biggest one being swapping out liquid shampoo and shower for bar soap versions! Obviously we’re huge fans of this, and we recommend any product from our range for an instant eco-friendly bathroom re-vamp!

We’re huge advocates for reducing landfill, but we know that sometimes making the swap from plastic to more eco-friendly options isn’t always the best plan. For example, if you have an electric toothbrush it makes no sense to ditch it for a bamboo brush if its in perfect working order. So how about swapping out the replacement heads instead? This is such a great way to reduce unnecessary plastic usage and means you don’t need to throw away a perfectly good toothbrush too.

Live Coco recyclable brush heads are a fantastic idea and available at Holland & Barrrat right now. A quick google search will bring up other brands to try out too. 

Make it yourself!

Our final swap is more general but still very much worth the investment of your time. Take a really good look at the things you buyThree Great Little Reusable Swaps You Can Make Right regularly that you can actually swap out for home-made instead. You might find that there are a lot of items on your shopping list that you can actually make yourself, and that might well last a lot longer too.

Dog biscuits (often packaged in plastic and produced via a variety of means), fabric shopping bags (make your own to replace plastic bags), cleaning cloths (use old socks and other items to create rags). Make your own milk from oats, nuts and seeds. Grow your own fruit and veg. Make your own sourdough loaves. Become sustainable and simply do it yourself. Save soap scraps and pop them inside a mesh bag or even an old sock to use in the shower as a DIY defoliator. Re-purpose old shower gel bottles and re-fill them- we sell refillable jerry cans for our liquid soaps that are great to use for this purpose.

We love this recipe for home-made dog treats and this is a really easy shopping bag tutorial from Spruce Crafts we love too. 

We’d love to hear from you if you have more ideas on how we can cut down our plastic usage- together, we can chance the world!