Three Little Eco Hacks for Autumn

Three Little Eco Hacks for

Did we mention already how much we love autumn here at Little Soap? Possibly… but it’s definitely worth mentioning again! If you’re a huge fan of all the beautiful colours and amazing sunsets, we’re with you! So in honour of this most glorious of seasons, we thought we’d share three of our favourite little eco hacks for autumn.

So we’ve covered skincare already- hopefully by now you’ve tweaked your daily regime and your skin is glowing… if not, take a read of last week’s posts here. That aside, we’re leaping on to the autumn topic of staying warm and cosy as the days and nights grow cooler. So before you crank up the heating, try these eco hacks instead…

Layer up

This one applies to you and your home! While the temperature isn’t super low, you can delay the inevitable onslaught of central heating- saving money and the planet at the same time. Yes, we’re talking fluffy socks, thick cardigans and cosy sweaters. And when it comes to your home, adding rugs to a wooden floor and cosy throws to the sofa also helps to keep the atmosphere warm and inviting.

And while we’re busy layering up- now is the time to show your home some TLC. Check your windows to make sure they’re sealed properly and add a draught excluder under the front door to keep chills at bay. Now is also a great time to make sure your gutters are regularly cleared of leaves to prevent potential damp in your home too.

Your challenge this month: try turning your thermostat down by 1 degree. Just this very slight difference can have a huge affect on your overall energy usage and your monthly bills too.

Eat responsibly

The type of foods we want to eat in autumn differ so much from the light salads we go for during warmer weather. This season is all about stews, soups an warming comfort food- but those changes can all still be made sustainably.

First and foremost, shop local and eat in season. This helps immensely when it comes to reducing your digital footprint because you’re not adding to the expense (on your wallet and on the planet) incurred when produce is shipped far and wide.

Got a slow cooker? Use it! Slow cookers tend to use less energy and save time too, so its a no brainer really! If you do use the oven, keep the door shut during cooking times so you don’t lose heat unnecessarily, and if you use the hob always try to use the smallest ring possible. Cover your pan with a lid to stop heat escaping and to reduce cooking time- and if you can batch cook, then theses another great way to cut down on energy usage.

Your challenge for this month: plan your meals, shop according to that plan and batch cook as much as you can.

Start prepping for Christmas now

October may be a little early for some of you, but we’re going to talk Christmas for a moment. The key to an eco friendly, sustainable Christmas is all in the planning, and the time to start is now. Make a list of recipients and then make a list of eco friendly brands that you can trust. Start to shop around in second hand shops, browse your local free/ buy & sell groups online. Stash packaging to re-purpose and re-use as gift wrap. Set up a secret Santa at work or with friends to cut down on unnecessary purchases and excessive waste during the holidays.

There are so many ways that you can create your own super sustainable Christmas this year- a quick google search will bring up lots of ideas- so our advice is to start now and avoid the last minute panic and inevitable slipping of good intentions.