Three Reasons Why Bar Soap is The Greenest Choice Right Now

Three Reasons why Bar Soap is the Greenest Choice right has to be said that since the world went into lockdown, there has been a marked reduction in carbon emissions throughout the globe. We are travelling less, we are burning less fuel. Our planet is breathing a small sigh of relief. But with this plus comes a negative too, with the increased use of single use plastic as more of us battle to buy liquid hand soap, disposable gloves and other throw-away products that we must dispose of in order to stay clean and germ free. Here at Little Soap, we just wanted to reassure you that we are still doing all we can to reduce our own carbon footprint, and in turn helping you to do the same too. Here’s a little reminder of the many things we’re doing right now- and just three little reasons why bar soap is still the greenest choice you can make too.

Bar soap lasts longer

Bottles and bottles of liquid hand soap are flying from the shelves right now, and many people are finding that they just can’t get hold of any at all. We’re going through the stuff at an alarming rate, and this means that we’re also disposing of more and more single use plastic bottles too. If you’re able to get re-fills, then that’s fantastic. if you’re not, please do take a look at doing so if you can. We have a refillable option for our organic orange and grapefruit liquid hand wash that is well worth the investment. Failing that- go for a bar of soap instead.

The humble bar soap will last a LOT longer than liquid hand wash, providing a more eco-friendly and cost-effective option for many families.

Our natural bar soap comes with eco-friendly packaging

We’re proud that our products come with a lot less packaging than others (we use paper wrap, shredded zig-zag paper and corrugated Three Reasons why Bar Soap is the Greenest Choice right to package our parcels for online orders- and we never order plastic wrapping or un-recyclable products. If your order does arrive in bubble wrap for example, its because we’re re-purposing it from incoming orders here. Our cartons are recyclable and the ‘shiny laminate’ we feature is made from a recyclable resin), resulting in a way smaller carbon footprint overall. We do not advocate single use packaging at all- in fact, we actively re-use packaging we receive here in the office, and we encourage you to do the same. Sometimes your order might arrive in a box a lot bigger than your chosen product, but this is so that the natural soap inside can breathe! If you ever have any questions about our packaging at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help. Three Reasons why Bar Soap is the Greenest Choice right

Our natural bar soap is more gentle on the environment

Because we don’t use any harsh chemicals, additives or unnecessary plastics in our products, our natural bar soaps are not polluting the water supply- and they are still the most effective weapon when it comes to destroying the Coronavirus cells on our hands.

Here at Little Soap, we use mostly natural and/ or organic ingredients; sometimes it is necessary to use a non-toxic synthetic ingredient (s) when no equivalent can be found in nature. And while we know that the idea of using 100% all natural products is definitely more appealing, it’s not always practical and doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe either. In fact, failure to include effective preservatives in a product can lead to health problems, such as skin infection. It is necessary to use some type of synthetic non-toxic preservative(s) to ensure the products you use are safe. There are many synthetic ingredients that are considered to be safe and non-toxic- and this also means that they are safe for the environment too.

The most important points to remember are:

  • All of our products are vegetarian
  • All of our products are vegan and registered by the Vegan Society
  • all of our products are cruelty free- we have the leaping bunny logo to prove it
  • All of our products have a full ingredients list displayed on our website