Giving back

Giving Back

We create products from nature, but we also believe in giving back to nature. We do this through education, ethical practices and engagement in environmental causes and charities.

Here at Little Soap Company, we do not believe that boycotting palm oil is the answer – instead, we want to play our part in transforming the industry. We are a small company but we want to add our voice to the growing call for palm oil companies to produce responsible palm oil and stop clearing forests. The whole sustainability issue is vast and that’s why we work closely with our pals at the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) to explain why and how we’re playing our part in breaking the link between palm oil and the destruction of orangutan habitat.

You can read our entire Palm Oil Statement here.


Sumatran Orangutan Society


SOS is our chosen conservation charity working to secure the future of the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan and their forests. They support frontline conservation programmes and campaign on issues threatening the survival of orangutans in the wild. Their projects include rainforest restoration (something we donate specifically to), orangutan rescue and developing community conservation initiatives which support the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem, empowering local people to become guardians of these precious forests. Read more here:

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The Reforestation Project

Orangutans need forests, so SOS is working hard with frontline partners to keep their homes safe. We are supporting them to restore damaged ecosystems around the Leuser Ecosystem, one of the Sumatran orangutan’s last strongholds.


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We are proud members of the RSPO

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