Three Little Reasons why Lavender Essential Oil is Great For Winter

We love our essential oils here at Little Soap HQ, and not only do we use them in our products, we use them around the home for so many reasons too. This time of year, our go to essential oil is most definitely lavender, and this week we thought we’d tell you why. Here are three little reasons why lavender essential oil is great for winter…

Three Little Reasons Why Lavender is Great for word on lavender essential oil

One of the reasons why lavender essential oil is so special is due to it’s versatility. This is one essential oil with so many uses! Most people know lavender for it’s relaxing properties but did you know it can also be used for skin care, first aid and so much more? Not only that but lavender oil can be added to food and drink too. We’re talking lavender infused cordial, lavender laced brownies, lavender ice-cream…

So before we run off to re-stock our supply, here are three reasons why we cannot do without lavender oil during the cold winter months.

It’s great for chapped lips

Ugh. Hands up who can’t stand this time of year for the very simple fact it plays havoc with the lips? The combination of freezing temperatures, icy winds and central heating systems often means that our lips suffer with dryness and soreness on a regular basis. A couple of drops of lavender oil rubbed onto the lips can actually help to alleviate the symptoms and leave your lips soft and hydrated instead. Clever, huh?

It can help to lift brain fog

When the days are short and the mornings are dark not only can it be hard to get up when the alarm clock goes off, but it can be hard to get going too. Lots of people complain about ‘brain fog’- a  feeling of being unable to concentrate or to focus on one task the way they would usually. Enter lavender oil. With it’s calming properties, lavender oil has the ability to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress, helping you to relax and re-focus your mind on the task in hand. Pour some of our wonderful lavender bubble bath into the tub and relax. You’ll sleep better and that means you’ll be ready to take on the new day when you wake.

It can help to soothe problem skin

As already mentioned, the colder weather coupled with the fierce central heating most buildings employ at this time of year can really play havoc with the skin. Lots of people suffer with dry skin, eczema and other skin condition more so in winter, and we end up in February feeling more than a little worse for wear. But don’t panic. Not only will lavender help to soothe your sensitive skin, but it will help to promote a better night’s sleep too- allowing the body to take care of vital reparation work as you rest.

If you suffer with dry skin, we recommend our Organic pure English Lavender soap to nourish and rehydrate your skin. Follow up with a relaxing evening (no screens!) with a luxury Lavender candle and you can even add a few drops to your pillow when you go to bed. For immediate relief, a few drops of lavender essential oil on your skin will nourish and protect against rashes and dry patches.