Clear Labels, Not Forests Campaign

Palm oil is a hidden ingredient found in up to half of packaged food products across Europe, including chocolate, biscuits, cereals, margarine, soup, crisps, and ice cream, usually listed simply as ‘vegetable oil’.

Its production is often at the expense of tropical forests and carbon-rich peat lands, with disastrous consequences for a multitude of critically endangered species, including the orangutan, elephant, rhino and tiger.

A new directive on the ‘provision of food information to consumers’ is currently under review in Europe – the Clear Labels, Not Forests campaign wants to make sure that it is made compulsory for companies to label palm oil clearly on food packaging.

Clear labeling will allow EU citizens to:

  • Make choices about the products they buy on health (due its high saturated fat content) and ethical grounds
  • Support the drive towards companies using certified sustainable palm oil
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