Coconut oil- all hail the super beauty ingredient

Coconut oil is amazing stuff. We’d go as far as saying it’s a super ingredient. Oh yes. This simple has so many health benefits and beauty uses and we’d love to share our favourite with you. So without out further ado- all hail the super beauty ingredient: coconut oil!

coconut oil- all hail the super beauty ingredient~

Use it on your hair

Coconut oil is widely known for it’s moisturising properties, so it only makes sense that we want to put it on our hair. Magic powers here include the ability to eliminate dryness by sealing in moisture, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help control dry scalps and dandruff, and super nutrients vitamins E and K, plus iron too. Here’s how to use it:

  • Make a coconut oil and honey hair mask: We love our honey! Mix 2 parts of melted coconut oil with 2 parts honey and 1 part cider vinegar. Combine in a microwaveable jar and make sure you re-melt and stir well each time you use it. Leave on the hair for 15-20 minutes and rinse well.
  • Make a hair spray. No, not one of those that hold your style for 48 days, one of those that will make your hair soft, shiny and beautiful! All you need is coconut oil, water, and an empty spray bottle.  Add three tablespoons of coconut oil to the bottle and top up with warm water. Shake well. Use as a spray to condition dry ends and scalp, and use on damp hair too.
  • Use neat for on the spot conditioning, or longer, deeper conditioning. Rub a  small amount into your hands and work onto frizzy or fly away hair for instant smoothness. If you have time, apply a handful to damp hair, work through with a comb and wrap in a towel for an hour. Shampoo and rinse well.

The vitamin E in the coconut oil will help to strengthen your hair, and the moisturising properties help to create shiny, smooth and healthy looking tresses almost instantly. And not only that, but your hair will smell amazing.

Use it on your skin

So it makes your hair soft and smooth. Makes sense that it would do the same for your skin, right? When you consider the nutrients that are packed in there, why wouldn’t you make it an essential part of your beauty routine? Here are some ways to use it:

  • To remove your make up: Fantastic for removing eye make up at the end of the day! Simply take a small amount of coconut oil on your fingers, and apply to closed eyes in gentle circular motions. Rub gently over your eyelid and under the eye, then remove with a damp wash cloth. Fast acting, and super moisturising too!
  • As a body butter: mix one cup of coconut oil with 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil. Place all in a large mixing bowl and whip. Spoon the whipped mixture into an air-tight container and use as and when required. Divine!
  • As a face mask: just use your hair mask recipe! Add banana or avocado if you like, but essentially the ingredients remain the same. Honey and coconut oil work just as well on your face as they do on your hair.
  • As a face scrub: we love a good exfoliation! Remove those dead cells and let the new, younger skin shine through. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 3 tablespoons granular sugar and gently massage into your skin with fingertips. Massage for up to five minutes, then wipe away gently with a warm, damp wash cloth.

Use it in your diet

If you go for pure coconut oil, organic preferably, you can improve your diet instantly. And with all the nutrients we know are in coconut oil, it makes good sense. Just some of the health benefits of coconut oil include:

  • Cholesterol lowering properties
  • Immunity boosting
  • Aids weight loss

and there are many different ways that you can use it too. Why not try:

Have we convinced you yet? Get some coconut oil in your life, and see the benefits in your hair, skin and overall health. A true super ingredient!