Five Little Pet Brands we Love

It’s no secret that we’re avid animal lovers here at Little Soap, and we often like to share with you the tips and tricks that make being a pet owner so special. Our Little Beast range was born out of a passion to treat our pets with the same care and attention as we apply to ourselves, and we’re fiercely proud that every product in the range is created with love here in the UK. So since we’re talking about pets and how amazing they are, here are five little pet brands we love right now. Do let us know in the comments or over on social if you have any to add to the list- and look out for our giveaway for a chance to win with some of the brands we’re sharing today.

Lily’s Kitchen

Regular readers will know already how much we love Lily’s Kitchen and its simple belief that pets deserve proper food too. We’re so careful about what we put into our own bodies, that it surely stands to reason we should pay the same attention to what our pets eat too. Beyond the brand’s dedication towards supplying healthy and nutritious food for our pets, Lily’s Kitchen also shares our own belief that their mission can be fulfilled whilst also respecting the planet.

Every product in the range is produced using only organic ingredients and with respect for the essential practices that are required for every eco-conscious business. With eco packaging and a promise to always ‘tread lightly on the planet’ Lily’s Kitchen has always been- and always will be- a firm Little Soap favourite.

Browse Lily’s Kitchen for mouth-watering recipes here.


Established back in 1980, Weatherbeeta is one brand that always stands out from the rest- if you’ve never come across them before, you’re in for a treat! Starting out as an industry pioneer with synthetic horse rugs and dog coats, Weatherbeeta set out to transform the way that we care for our pets and how we protect them from the elements in colder weather.

Today, the range boasts an array of products made with the high standards and attention to detail, and here at Little Soap, we’re huge fans in particular of their amazing range of dog coats. But it doesn’t end there! Weatherbeeta also boasts an amazing selection of dog harnesses, beds, accessories, and more. In fact, it’s very rare that we don’t have at least one item in our basket most days!

Browse Weatherbeeta to tap into an extensive wealth of knowledge direct from the brand’s very own lab- with years of expert research under their belts, these guys really know their stuff.

FetchIt Bags

We don’t intend to bring the tone down, but it has to be said that being a pet owner can sometimes smell a little… ‘poopy’! FetchIt Bags are one of those brands that were born out of pure necessity and one that we just cannot live without. A dog has to go, and a dog owner has to pick it up- so it makes sense that we advocate an eco-friendly way to do it!

FetchIt Bags are compostable and made using cornstarch, which naturally biodegrades into natural elements within weeks- making them the number one choice for green dog parents.

“Biodegradable and compostable are often used interchangeably but they are NOT the same thing… Biodegradable products will eventually disintegrate over time, usually over hundreds of years, into smaller pieces but these can be still be harmful to organisms. These smaller pieces of plastic fragments are known today as micro-plastics. Compostable bags on the other hand decompose into non-toxic organic matter which can be broken down to form a nutrient rich soil or “compost”.

Browse FetchIt Bags for a gorgeous array of compostable poop bags, accessories, and the adorable Bark Blog. 

Mutts & Hounds

What can we say about the gorgeous Mutts & Hounds? A fellow Cotswolds brand with a beautiful range that incorporates founder Laura’s “love of animals and passion for design, textiles, and interiors”, this is one brand that is proud to be known as the “premium British lifestyle brand for dogs and their owners.”- and we cannot praise it highly enough!

With homewares and gifts nestled in amongst the more practical must-haves, Mutts & Hounds is definitely something special. Each product in the range has been inspired by the stunning Cotswold countryside and much is still made in-house to ensure the highest standard of quality and care.

Browse Mutts & Hounds for stunning collections such as British Tweed, Timeless Neutrals, and Country Living.

Beco Pets

A firm Little Soap favourite, Beco Pets have a fabulous range of food, accessories, and toys for dogs- it’s always a go-to for us as avid dog lovers. Beco Pets is a brand with a difference, not stopping at producing high quality and eco-friendly products, instead going one step further with their innovative recycled dog toys- and we just love them for it.  From rough and tough starfish, dolphins and turtles, to soft toys and rope toys- each playtime treat is made with care and produced ethically too. As they say themselves:

“It’s time to care for our planet just as much as we do our dogs. That’s why we make the highest quality products in the most sustainable ways possible to care for your dog, and look after our planet.”

Browse Beco Pets for their super-duper toy collection plus browse toys for cats too!