Introducing Little Beast Shampoo Bars

Introducing Little Beast Shampoo Bars

Introducing Little Beast Shampoo Bars

Woof woof! We all love our dogs, right? And we want only the best for them… To pay back a little of their love, loyalty and life enhancing joie de vivre!

But sometimes even the most dedicated dog lover must admit their Little Beast can get a bit muddy, grubby and maybe even a little smelly…

So, Inspired by Emma’s adorable Little Soap boys Henry & Rupert (@cotswoldlabrador), we’ve crafted our brand new Little Beast collection with a bar for every coat type.

Our new Little Beast range 

Our Little Beast range has always been popular (it seems you guys love your pets as much as we do!), so this launch has been so much fun to work on! We’re so passionate about doing what’s right for ourselves, our skin and wellbeing – the same goes for our pets, and we think the range perfectly reflects that too.

So what’s new?

Introducing Little Beast Shampoo Bars

Without further ado, we give you:

Little Beast Organic Scruffy Dog Shampoo Bar: Crafted specifically for dogs with long, wirey, and curly coats, this bar is tailored to tackle knot nightmares. Enriched with a blend of marshmallow root oil, pink clay and shea butter to cleanse, condition and effortlessly detangle your pet’s coat – making it the ideal choice for scruffy dogs! This one is fragranced with a gorgeous blend of pure citrus essential oil, which smells absolutely amazing. 

A little on marshmallow root oil- we chose this ingredient for it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. Its also amazing when it comes to detangling and can provide deep conditioning for dry skin and hair, helping to restore shine and prevent irritation. Alongside pink clay this little bar is perfect for any pet that needs a little extra TLC now and then.

Introducing Little Beast Shampoo Bars

Little Beast Organic Sensitive Dog Shampoo Bar: Designed for the most delicate doggy skin, this gentle grooming bar is tailored to cleanse and care for young, sensitive, and itchy coats – making it an ideal choice for puppies and pooches with problem skin. The result? A clean, calm and protected pup.

This mild organic bar is infused with the goodness of sweet almond oil and oatmeal, working together to gently cleanse and soothe sensitive skin. We fragranced this one with a calming blend of chamomile and calendula essential oils.

Why sweet almond oil? This ingredient is amazing for dry and itchy skin and has anti-inflammatory properties too. The perfect partner to oatmeal for a gentle yet effective cleanse, and great for sensitive pets.

Introducing Little Beast Shampoo Bars

Little Beast Organic Smelly Dog Shampoo Bar: Perfect for mucky dogs that love to get down and dirty, this grooming bar ensures their coat is not just clean but thoroughly cleansed, moisturised and left ultra-fresh.

It’s a great choice for our furry pals who tend to get a little whiffy (let’s face it, don’t we all?), this bar comes with added charcoal and zinc oxide to tackle not only dirt but also fox poo and other unwanted odours. Fragranced with a fresh blend of pure peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil, this bar will keep your dog smelling fresh. 

Let’s talk about Charcoal – We use that for cleansing and removing excess oil, and when you add peppermint and eucalyptus you’ve got a pretty powerful shampoo bar- with antibacterial properties, and a refreshing fragrance to help leave pets squeaky clean and smelling amazing. 

Like our original Organic Little Beast Pet Shampoo Bar and other Little Soap Company products, our Little Beast Shampoo Bars are totally free from SLS, sulphates, alcohol, detergents, silicones, sorbates, parabens, and synthetic preservatives.

Simply housed in a recyclable box, Little Beast is not only kind and gentle on your pet but also on your skin and the planet.

How to use Little Beast Pet Shampoo Bars

Little Beast Pet Shampoo Bars are so easy to use. Start by rinsing your pet with warm water, then rub the bar into their coat to make a rich and silky lather. Massage well, then rinse well and towel dry.

You might notice your pet’s coat looks slightly tacky as it dries, but don’t worry as this is totally normal. Its just the natural oils which will be absorbed (in contrast to synthetic shampoo products which tend to strip the hair) – it will dry normally and your pooch will be left looking and smelling gorgeous!