Stop throwing out old candle jars and try these little tricks instead…

The leftover wax from candles is very similar to the soap scraps that are often left near the end of your bar. Well just like with our soap scraps (check out this blog to find uses for soap scraps), we’re passionate about making sure every last part of a candle is used up too!

One way in which you can make upcycled candles, is to use this simple hack we first discovered from Martha Stewart. All you need leftover candle wax, an old empty jar and new candle wicks (cotton, hemp or wood are best). 

Melt your old wax down by pouring boiling water into a saucepan around your candle and let it sit in the water until the wax has softened. Carefully use a butter knife to loosen the wax from the jar. Then melt the wax in a separate saucepan – you can use a bain-marie style method here with another pan filled with hot water underneath to melt the wax. Don’t be afraid to melt down a few different candles and mix scents! 

After melting the wax down, pour into the jar (with your wick already in place in the jar) and let cool for about six hours.

For some alternative ways to use old candle jars that don’t require creating a new candle, here’s just a few things you can do:

  • Toothbrush holder
  • Desk organiser
  • Small flower vase
  • Jar for reusable cotton rounds
  • Collecting items that can’t be easily recycled

We’d love to know any other ways you might use old candle jars, please let us know in the comments!