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Young Enterprise West Midlands Awards DinnerWednesday 12th May 2011.... Keynote Speaker.What a fabulous evening :) So brilliant to see what's been going on in the region - some of the companies were totally inspirational - there were presentations from several which we had to vote on (with who wants to be a millionaire voting pads!) and the team on my table won which was a fab bonus. From the night I will take away the ideas of combatting business issues with "a late book" where late partners had to pay per minute they were late and also the "letters of warning" to those not pulling their weight.... utterly brilliant!!! Sometimes business is so over complicated!

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  1. Hi Emma, I didn’t have the opportunity to speak to you on Wednesday night, things have moved on since we sat in your lovely garden looking at VAT!! It seems such a long time ago now. I think you may have spoken to Sheila Henshall my business partner?
    I also volunteer with YE and was at the dinner with a group of girls from Newport Shropshire. Your talk really inspired them! The girl beside me was literally hanging on your every word! I told her about the soap being made in the garage she found it inspiring and believable. She left the evening even more motivated and who knows what the future will hold.
    Perhaps we’ll get the chance to chat at another occasion.

    Well done – Chris Rutherford

  2. I was honoured to have been a guest and hand out an award on the night of the Young Enterprise Achievenent Awards, it was a really nice talk that you gave, and I feel that it will lift many of those young people present to work hard, and get their just rewards.Talking to them later they all spoke highly of your interesting talk. It has also made me as I start my Mayoral year to use your company and its history to prove to young people that you do not have to be rich to start your own company, you just have to be prepared to work hard, and be happy doing it. Many thanks for the insight you gave us all that night and good luck with all that you plan in the future.. Tony

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