2015 Review and 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

I adore the inbetweeny bit between Christmas and New Year (“Chrimbo Limbo” as one of my friends Christened it). For me it’s a time to review the year gone and make plans for the new one unfolding ahead.

2016 has to have been the biggest year yet in terms of growth for both Little Soap Company and personally for me too. Behind the scenes there has been the inevitable roller coaster that all small businesses face, but overwhelmingly we are moving forward with positive energy, an amazing team and with a growing portfolio of products I am so very proud of.

2015 Highlights:

  • After six years , giving the handmade artisan range a bit of a facelift with updated packaging and labels… Artisan Pack - English Lavender (with flash).jpg
  • Being invited as one of a handful of suppliers to Tesco to meet their new CEO ‘Drastic Dave’ – this led to being asked on to their Supplier Network Panel, waving the flag for small suppliers and the issues we face.
  • Our April Fool gag with our pals at Moorish about our pretend Hummus Soap and Face Mask that hit the broadsheets and went went viral!
  • Launching our Artisan Liquid Soaps in the Spring.
  • Hopping up on stage to collect Entrepreneur of the Year from the British Chamber of Commerce over at a swanky bash at West Midlands Safari Park.
  • More unexpected industry awards for our products (FreeFrom Skin Care Awards Silver and Bronze and a Silver for our Artisan Range with Janey Lee Grace’s Platinum Beauty Awards – thank you)
  • Adding more soap bar flavour lines to Sainsbury’s and Boots UK
  • Some more great runs: The Wolf, BlackLight, ColourRun and of course, my first half marathon.
  • Our team Firewalk Day (and we still have the scars to prove it!) helping to raise a combined £10k for charity.
  • Being invited to Brussels to speak on micro-enterprise at the European Commission, an awesome experience in the biggest building I’ve ever been in! Then home to launch 9 new exclusive lines in Waitrose  (which is positively flying – thank you!)
  • Launching our new shiny Little Soap Company website and online shop
  • Adding more courses to our Little Soap SchoolLittle Soap School day workshops.
  • Saying thank you and goodbye to Pip who helped set up the offices amid our first year in Broadway and welcoming Anna, my right hand woman who has a tonne of energy and loads of great ideas to help take Little to the next level. In January Kayleigh will be joining us full time too, taking on the admin side of things to help us both!

Nov 2015 9 new lines to WaitroseAm *so* excited to get back to it all next week, the office will be abuzz, especially on days when Martin and Elaine’s in too and when Soap Schools are taking place in the workshop downstairs – so different to just me and the dogs at the kitchen table little over 15 months back! Wow!


We have *such* exciting plans for the next 12 months, some great new products and kits and books and so many things that I can’t wait to reveal as they unfold!

Happy, happy new year to you and a huge thank you for all your support, as always, in our quest to make pure, natural, organic soap accessible to everyone…. Here’s to 2016!

Love Emma x

P.S Three New Years Resolutions?!

Are you making New Year’s Resolutions this year? Tangible goals you know I embrace, but ‘resolution’ wise, sometimes it’s good to remember past ones, review and re-new them.  Here are three of our long term resolutions that are easy to make, consider or reaffirm this year…

New Year’s resolutions_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

1. Ditch your chemical laden cosmetics once and for all

We’ve written many times about why we think you should be leading an all natural, organic life when it comes to what you put on your skin, and the new year is the perfect time to start. Go through your make up bag, chuck out the nasties lurking in your bathroom cabinet and make 2016 your naturally beautiful year. Read these posts for tips on how to do it:

2. Feed your body well

Play and experiment with what works for your individual body: a few years back we bought our first Slow Juicer which is easily now the most utilised appliance in our kitchen. Taking head and cutting back on sugar the Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar) way, is now a way of life. This year Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella) entered our world along with a handful of other beautiful books bursting with recipes (e.g. Tanya’s Uncook Book, Madeline Shaw’s Get the Glow etc). Just last month I went on my first Vegan Yoga Cookery Retreat to experiment making more raw food – suffice to say, now with a shiny new MagiMix adorning the kitchen worktop I am bouncing out raw carrot cakes, energy balls, amazing salads, soups, you name it…!

Make 2016 is the year where you take control of your body and what goes into it. Start the year the right way with fresh, organic produce and healthy raw food swaps that won’t leave you lusting after additives and sugar. We’ve shared so many wonderful recipes and tips this year, and here are just come of our favourites:

3. Move more

2015 saw me becoming the owner of my first FitBit Charge HR – it is a conscious effort to get those steps in on non-running days! Getting out in the fresh air and rewarding your body with exercise – even just walking – is one of the best resolutions you can make for 2016. We’re all huge advocates of moving more and loving what we do, so we’re sure you won’t regret this one. Here are some posts to refresh your memory and help you on your way to a better, fitter you this year:

So those are our New Year’s Resolution Reminders for 2016. What are yours?