A Farewell to 2022

A farewell to 2022 from Little Soap Company

Wow! 2023 is almost upon us (really not sure how that happened?!) and so, as we’re thinking of all the amazing things that 2022 brought us, we’re pretty sure that the new year is going to be just as spectacular. There have been some very definite bumps in the road this year, but we’ve made it through and we’ve got some fabulous stories to tell! So join us as we say farewell to 2022- it’s been a blast!

A right royal award

Top of our list for 2022? Winning the Queen’s Award for for Enterprise in Innovation! Made all the more poignant following the sad passing of our monarch, the award really does mean a lot to us all here at Little Soap.

To win the Queen’s award in the year of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee honestly felt like a dream, but we know it’s the hard work that has been put in by each and every member of the team that got us here. Thank you to all the team, and to you- our customers- too. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Little launches that mean the world

We started so small- but we vowed to keep growing, so that we can continue to make natural soap accessible to all. And that’s what we did in 2022! We launched in Marks & Spencer and Asda, and we launched Eco Warrior in Morrisons and Just My Look too.

Having more Little Soap products in more shops means more work, but it’s a challenge we’re more than ready to take on!

Awards, awards, awards!

It’s the taking part that truly counts, but when we win an award the achievement needs to be celebrated! We’re always so humbled and so proud when our soap bars earn the recognition we know they deserve, so here’s a quick run down of this year’s award wins:

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help us win these awards!

We’ve Won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation!_LIttleSoapCompany.co.uk

We’re Carbon Negative

We’re carbon negative- hooray! As a business, we’ve always done everything we can to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. But we wanted to do more. We knew we could do more. So we did!

After calculating our emissions earlier this year, we were confident that our footprint was low, but we also realised there was a lot more we could be doing to give back to our planet. So, rather than simply offsetting our carbon emissions we decided to more than double our efforts, to become not only carbon neutral- but carbon negative!

Thanks to help from Carbon Neutral Britain, we’re now able to give back more to our beautiful planet- and we’re using our carbon credits too support certified woodland projects which plant trees to reduce flooding, supporting jobs in the UK and provide sustainable raw materials. And that’s just the beginning.

We are beyond proud to be able to to not only offer a sustainable solution on the supermarket shelves, but we can truly say we give back more than what we take from the planet too. 

What’s in store for 2023?

So what will the new year bring? We wish we had a crystal ball! One thing that is for sure, though: we will be here, we will be making great soap, and we will be shouting out loud about the amazing benefits natural soap can bring- both to your physical and emotional wellbeing, but to the planet too!

We will continue to believe that the business of a business is to do good, to improve the world. We cannot wait to continue to grow into 2023, bringing more soap to more people and to make a positive impact on the world as we go. We hope you’ll join us for the ride