Cruelty Free Soap and Ethical Beauty: Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics!

This is a hard one to write. Regular readers and loyal customers will know that we here at Little Soap are truly passionate about not only protecting the planet but protecting all the living creatures inhabiting our earth too. We strongly oppose animal cruelty and are absolutely 100% against animal testing. And so, with a very heavy heart, we are here with a plea for your help, to save cruelty free cosmetics. Because cruelty free soap and ethical beauty are at the heart of what we do. Because we believe that vegan soap, natural soap, ethical soap should be accessible to all. Because we believe that no animal should suffer for our benefit.

Europe’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics is under threat

Sadly, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is proposing new animal testing on ingredients that have previously been used safely for years. This is putting Europe’s long-standing ban on animal testing for cosmetics under threat and we need to do something about it. We implore you to stand with us to protect cruelty free soap. To protect ethical beauty products, ethical soap, vegan soap. We need you to help ensure Europe does not break its promise!

If we do not succeed in overturning these dangerous new policies, millions of animals could be subjected to cruel and unnecessary tests. Put simply, the additional progress that the European Parliament has been calling for since 2018 (for a global ban on all animal testing for cosmetics by 2023) will as a result also be under threat. This is such bad news, and we’re truly devastated by this gigantic step backwards.

Animal testing is NOT necessary

Animal testing is no longer necessary for safety in the production of cosmetics- and it’s all thanks to modern, human-relevant, non-animal scientific alternatives. We simply cannot stand by and allow the testing of cosmetics on animals because it just isn’t necessary!

Little Soap Company is proud to be Cruelty Free. All our products are certified as not tested on animals under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Programme (CRILBP), the international gold standard for products that are free from animal testing. We are also proud to be standing with other animal protection groups, Dove and The Body shop to urgently mobilise 1 million consumers to sing a European Citizen’s Initiative- and this is where YOU come in…

We need your help

If you love what we do here at Little Soap- you love our cruelty free soap; you want to continue to buy ethical soap and other beauty products; you want to protect your right to choose vegan soap and protect the rights of animals- then please, please help us. We need to speak up, with one voice, and we need to make sure we are listened to.

All those living in the member states of the European Union are being urged to sign the initiative (EU nationals living in the UK can sign also) and tell the European Commission that we will NOT accept the broken promise of a Europe where animals no longer suffer and die for cosmetics. We need you to sign to:

1. Protect and strengthen the cosmetics animal testing ban

Initiate legislative change to achieve protection for all cosmetics ingredients with no new tests on animals – for any purpose, or at any time

2. Transform EU chemicals regulation

Ensure human health and the environment are protected by managing chemicals without the addition of new animal testing requirements

3. Modernise science in the EU

Commit, before the end of its current term of office, to a legislative proposal plotting a road map to phase out all animal testing in the EU

We say use science, not animals. We say no animal should have to suffer and die in the name of beauty. Sign to support and add your name if you agree.