Eco Warrior Range Helps You to Reduce Plastic Usage

The Eco Warrior Range Helps You to Reduce Plastic though we say it ourselves, our Eco Warrior range is rather special – and this week we want to tell you exactly why! Here are just three little ways that the Eco Warrior Range helps you to reduce your plastic usage.

Before we start…

Before we dive in, can we toot our horn a little please? We’re so proud that our Eco Warrior range is not only British made, but affordable and accessible to o- fulfilling our Little Soap commitment to you. You can now find the Eco Warrior range in store (and nationally online) at selected Sainsbury’s and Boots stores (Check the map to see if your local store has it in stock) as well as in all main Waitrose stores and both Amazon and Ocado.

So how does the Eco Warrior range help you to reduce your plastic usage? Allow us to explain…

The entire product is eco-friendly and biodegradable

The Eco Warrior range is 100% plastic free, from the packaging to the soap inside- and its all biodegradable too. This eliminates the need for you to buy products that are either packaged in plastic or plastic wrapping, or products that contain plastic. We designed the range with our ethics in mind, and we’re so proud of it too.

You don’t need any other product 

Honestly, this range is all you need- for facial cleansing, hand washing and invigorating all-over body washes. We created each bar with you in mind, and we think we did a pretty good job!

Choose our Clarifying Charcoal bar for oily, acne prone skin, or our Sensitive Facial bar if your skin needs something a little more gentle. For an all-over body scrub, our Exfoliating bar is an excellent choice, and our moisturising hand and body bar is a really great all-rounder too. We also recommend our gorgeous shampoo bar for squeaky clean hair and our sublime Shaving bar for a smooth and gentle finish. Basically, we have a bar for all your needs, and for all the family- and this means you have no reason to buy any other product. No need for plastic bottles (taking up to 450 years to decompose) cluttering up your cabinet- win win! Plus, of course, our bars last a LOT longer than the average liquid soap, so you cut down on unnecessary shopping trips and save money too.

The range is sustainable and supports your ethics

Just to let you know, the added benefits of the Eco Warrior range include:The Eco Warrior Range Helps You to Reduce Plastic

✓ Fragranced only with Pure Essential Oil Blends (no synthetics) so naturally antibacterial with full aromatherapy benefits

✓ Ingredients are Naturally Derived (where possible). Full %s are on front of pack.

✓ 100% Plant based and Vegan

✓ Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free

✓ Made in UK

Like the rest of our products, this means that you can choose any bar from the range and be reassured that your ethics will not be compromised. We’re fiercely proud to bring you a product that helps you to reduce your plastic usage both through packaging, eliminating the need for plastic bottle alternatives and being accessible to more families too. Ps, bar soaps also eliminate spills and leaks in wash bags too, thus reducing waste and cutting down on your laundry loads too!

Have we convinced you yet? If you’re worried about investing in a full size bar – shhhhhhh check out our TRIAL AND TRAVEL CUBE, available exclusively on our website – great for trying yourself, to gift to friends or for the little people in the household! Do let us know what you think. Your reviews are so important to us as a small business!