Organic September – Our Favourite Organic Brands

Organic September - our favourite Organic brands_LIttle

Regular readers will know that Organic September is a date that’s always clearly marked on our calendars, and there are so many reasons why. Last week we wrote about organic skincare and how you can make sure you’re making the right choices when you go shopping- and this week we’re delving a little deeper into some of our favourite brands too. 

Why we celebrate Organic September

Before we introduce you, we thought we’d give you just a few reasons why Organic September is so important to us. We support this initiative because it’s such a fantastic way for us to raise awareness of not only the benefits of organic farming, but the amazing efforts that other likeminded brands and businesses go to each and every day to bring their customers only the very best products- that are kind to both the planet and to us.

We’d love you to join us in our bid to support the planet, nature, wildlife and some of our favourite brands too!

Introducing the organic brands we love

Awake Organics

The woman behind Awake Organics is Melissa Kimbell, who has single-handedly devoted her life to “formulating effective, natural skincare and deodorant that helps you enjoy luxury without compromising on sustainability,” Awake Organics makes it their mission to ensure that products are always 100% natural and free from parabens, SLS, aluminium and petrochemicals. Awake Organics uses only organic, sustainable ingredients and we love them for that. As Melissa, herself says: “We advocate for the earth by using materials that leave little impact.” Bravo!

Organic September - our favourite Organic brands_LIttle

We think you’ll love Awake Organic’s Natural Deodorant Balm– it’s award-winning, vegan, plastic free and made with organic ingredients. Plus each deodorant in the collection smells amazing! 

Doves Farm

What can we say about Doves Farm? These guys seriously know their stuff! Starting way back in 1977, husband and wife team Claire and Michael Marriage have taken a simple idea to make “great quality wholemeal flour from grain grown to the toughest organic standards,” to a whole new level. And, as more and more health food shops began to open and the market for organic wholemeal flour grew, Doves Farm expanded on growing wheat, moving into milling it too. 

Doves Farm was one of the first companies in the UK to be certified organic and they’re rightly very proud of this achievement. According to Doves Farm, choosing organic flour for your baking enables you to become a ‘guardian for your planet’ and will revolutionise your baking. We just love their way of thinking!

We think you’ll love Dove Farm’s Organic Ginger oat Biscuits– absolutely smashing with a good cup of tea!

Mr Organic

Mr Organic is something else. Creators of the finest plant-based organic store cupboard essentials that are guaranteed to bring your boring weekday meals to life. We’re talking pasta sauces, tinned beans and pulses, pasta, biscuits, antipasti and more. There’s even an organic kid’s pasta range too- all delicious and all-natural.

“Mr Organic was formed on the bonds of great friendship, by three friends who realised switching to Organic agriculture would result in better taste, better health and a better environment.. Grown on our own farm in Italy, cooked to perfection and packaged fresh, to be enjoyed at everyone’s table. “

Mr Organic creates amazing ‘food for friends, by friends’- and it’s this mindset that brings this brand to form close working relationships for good, with farmers, growers, producers and bakers. We love it!

We think you’ll love Mr Organic’s egg-free mayos– there are some divine recipes on the site to try too.

Clipper Teas

Organic September - our favourite Organic brands_LIttle

You just can’t beat a good cup of tea, and Clipper is hands down the best we’ve tasted- and organic too, so extra bonus points to them! Clipper is a sustainable brand (“We fill our bags with organic ingredients (good-bye pesticides, hello wildlife) and always do the best we can for the environment.”) and dedicated to their mission to always be GM free, using only ingredients from non-GM sources. 

All Clipper teabags are unbleached, they use plant-based fully biodegradable bio-materials for their packaging and have plans to replace the foil with a fully biodegradable wrap by the end of the year. And if all of that wasn’t enough, Clipper is also celebrating 25 years of Fairtrade, supporting workers’ rights and ensuring farmers are paid a fair wage. Amazing. 

We think you’ll lobe Clipper’s Organic Everyday tea– a true classic. 

Whole Earth

We’re huge fans of Whole Earth here at Little Soap! Since 1967, when brothers Craig and Gregory first opened Seeds- an organic, vegetarian macrobiotic restaurant in London- they knew they were onto something. Whole Earth quickly followed, but the brothers never lost their organic roots. As they say themselves:

“Our aim is simple: to make healthy, natural and delicious food, doing our bit to make the earth whole again.”- brilliant.

All of Whole Earth’s products are organic and GM free, The jars are 100% recyclable and currently 25% of the profit from all sales of their delicious Golden Forest Edition Peanut Butter goes directly towards the mission to plant trees in the Sumatran rainforest with the Sumatran Orangutan Society- a cause very close to our hearts indeed.

We think you’ll love Whole Earth’s Drizzler Golden Roasted Super Smooth Peanut Butter– oh my gosh it tastes amazing!

My Little Green Wardrobe

Organic September - our favourite Organic brands_LIttle

Last, but by no means least, My Little Green Wardrobe is another amazing brand we think you’ll love. Not just an online clothes store, My Little Green Wardrobe exclusively sells the most beautiful sustainable children’s clothes, with a pretty impressive commitment to our planet. 

Founder Lucy explains:

“At My Little Green Wardrobe, we want to reduce the impact of children’s clothing on the environment and end the exploitation of garment workers by promoting sustainably-produced apparel.

We commit to leaving this planet in a better state than it is now and will support fashion brands and partners who share similar values and goals.”

My Little Green Wardrobe favours fabrics made from natural, organic and recycled materials. They work closely with brands and fabrics with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification and are keen to help educate and raise awareness of the many ways in which we can shop sustainable fashion. With an emphasis on both organic fabrics and recycled materials, the brand says they are ‘looking for progression, not perfection’- and we think they’re doing an amazing job.

We think you’ll love My Little Green Wardrobe’s Planet Collection, featuring brands and garments that have a lower impact on the environment.