Update on our Queen’s Award for Enterprise!

We’ve Won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation!_LIttleSoapCompany.co.uk

Back in April, you might remember that we were granted the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. We are still so, so thrilled to have been recognised and so proud that our Eco Warrior range has made the grade when it comes to the best of the best in Britain! We promised to keep you updated, so here’s what happening next…

The award ceremony

Mark the date on your calendar- on the 4th of October the entire Little Soap team will be travelling to a glitzy ceremony where Emma will receive the Queen’s Award from Vice Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire.

Along with the award, we are now eligible to use the Queen’s Award logo on our packaging and across our site; we can fly the Queen’s Award flag at our main office here in Broadway; we’ll be given a Grant of Appointment. Amazing!

But all of that aside, what does the Queen’s Award mean to us, now that the dust has settled a little since we found out about our amazing win?

Living up to our accolade

Our Queen’s Award is valid for five years, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t intend to keep on striving to innovate and inspire beyond that. We still have so much more to do! We know that the UK is so full of amazing businesses who are successfully changing the way that consumers operate, how other businesses operate and how communities are benefiting. We don’t ever want to take away from the amazing things that others are doing right now- we want to celebrate them! 

We want to support. We want to educate. We want to join forces. We know that collectively, we can do great things- and this award not only proves that, but it highlights to us just how far we’ve come too.

Winning the Queen’s Award on the same year that Her Majesty celebrated her Platinum Jubilee will always be such a huge honour to us all here at Little Soap. We’re all so deeply saddened at her passing, and more determined than ever to make the most of this truly special accolade.

The journey to the Queen’s Award

Little Soap Company has always been proudly British and we’ve always supported British manufacturing, jobs and communities. Receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise has given us valuable recognition for the work we’ve always done to be outstanding, to demand better and to do better. Winning this highest accolade means that we’re now open to new opportunities and we’re able to raise awareness of our brand, and to further achieve our initial goal when we started all those years ago back in 2008- to make natural soap accessible to all.

Our brand is growing. Our soaps are appearing on more mainstream shelves. We’re reaching more people. We’re now able to speak more on what is genuinely important to us as a business- climate change, the importance of female business leaders, the impact that consumers can have when they make purchasing decisions, and more recently bringing visibility for LGBTQ+ leaders. 

We’ve Won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation!_LIttleSoapCompany.co.uk

Putting together the application for the Queen’s Award is not easy- but we have a solid team here at Little Soap and we’re living proof that it can be done!

Moving forward

Moving forward, we’re keen to get started on the next 15 years of Little Soap Company! We want to become even better at helping to raise awareness and to educate about the importance of challenger brands, the Better Business Act, being a B-Corp- as well as the vital importance of UK manufacturing, and the need for more businesses to truly balance people, profit and planet. This is at the heart of all that we do here at Little Soap.

Lastly, and most importantly, we want to stress the importance of kindness. When it comes to business this really isn’t optional- after all, no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.