Three Little Ways to Lift your Mood this Autumn

3 Little Ways to Lift Your Mood this

While `autumn may be one of our most favourite seasons (hello beautiful, golden leaves and stunning sunsets!) it seems the weather really has taken a turn just lately! And now that the nights are most certainly drawing in, we’re turning our focus to cosy evenings in and reaching for our chunky knit sweaters more often than not. The thing is though, it’s not always easy staying upbeat and in good spirits when the days are shorter and the weather is cooler. Never fear. This week we’re sharing our favourite 3 little ways to lift your mood this autumn, so get yourself a nice mug of something hot and read on to discover our top tips.

Choose simple ways to lift your mood

It’s the small, simple things that can make the biggest difference when you know your mood is dropping, So don’t overthink it- you don’t need to go to any great lengths to adjust your self-care routine this autumn. 

Just simply opening a window and breathing in the fresh air can work wonders, or maybe taking a long walk through some crisp leaves does it for you. Whatever it is, however small it is, make time for it if it makes you happy. Here are three ways we lift our mood as the longer nights approach…

Light a candle and take a bubble bath

We said we were keeping it simple, right? Simply lighting a candle can be enough to boost your mood, thanks to the slow and steady flicker and gentle glow. Add a steaming bath filled with bubbles and we just know you’re on to a winner!

Spend some time just watching your candle for a while. It might seem silly at first, but trust us- it can really help to calm the mind and force you to focus on the moment. Take notice of your breathing, steady your in and out breaths and try to clear your mind. This is honestly one of our very favourite ways to relax and unwind. 

We love our gorgeous Lavender candle, paired with our Organic Pure Lavender bubble bath, both of which can be found in our Organic Pure Lavender Pamper Pack. Fill a tub, light the candle and allow your mind to wander.

3 Little Ways to Lift Your Mood this

Our Pure Organic Lavender candle also works really well with our Grapefruit and Orange bubble bath too- when you combine these two fragrances, it gives a really cosy, autumnal aroma that helps to make the long nights more cosy and warm. Plus, lavender is well known for its calming and soothing properties, helping to ease low moods too.


We’ve already touched on the topic of aromatherapy with our first tip, but it really does deserve to be a tip of its own. The power of essential oils should never be underestimated when it comes to their ability to boost mood, calm the mind and chase away feelings of anxiety or worry.

The sense of smell is pretty powerful, and we’re able to be transported to other places and times in our memories just by experiencing a certain scent. In fact, your sense of smell can link directly with the part of your brain that is responsible for regulating your mood and emotional wellbeing.

Some essential oil blends are specifically made to promote a sense of wellness- and this is why we take such care when we choose our own blends here at Little Soap. 

We love our Organic Rose Geranium bar soap for its ability to ease anxiety, reduce inflammation and lift your mood- that’s why we call it our ‘happy soap’! We’re also pretty proud of our zingy Naturals Lemon Zest bar (guaranteed to get you up and going on those dark, cold mornings!) and our English Peppermint and Eucalyptus bar soap for its amazing ability to invigorate the mind, soothe the soul- and maybe even clear blocked noses and stuffy chests! Last but not least, we love our beautiful Organic Pure Lavender bar soap, not just for its gorgeous fragrance, but for its well-documented ability to help you drift to sleep, even after a rough day.


3 Little Way to Lift Your Mood this

Meditation is a simple and fast way to clear the mind and reduce stress, so if the longer nights are starting to get out down, now is the time to give it a try. 

We always recommend doing your own research and finding a method of meditation that suits you and your lifestyle. This might be guided meditation, mindfulness meditation or even yoga. Each method has huge benefits to both your physical and emotional health, and taking active steps to protect your wellbeing during the colder months really cannot be understated. 

Not sure if you’re even able to meditate? You’ll never know unless you try. Start by breathing deeply for a few moments, focusing only on your breath and nothing else. Your mind will wander at first, but try to be aware of that and keep bringing it back if you can. It can be helpful to ‘scan’ your body- focus attention on different parts of your body, being aware of the different sensations and how relaxed or tense the muscles are. Build up the time you spend meditating- at first, it might only be a few minutes, and that’s completely fine.

You can meditate while you walk (and being outdoors, getting fresh air and daylight is another huge mood booster), when you light a candle or before you go to bed. It’s up to you- the beauty of it is that meditation can be done anywhere and at any time, a powerful tool for shorter autumn day blues.