Three Dog Bloggers we Love in 2020

Top Three Dog Bloggers we Love in is one of our all-time favourite hobbies, and especially right now seeing as we’re all socially distancing and generally staying at home a lot more than we used to. So what to read? Dog blogs, of course! Its no secret how much we adore our four legged friends (our own office dog Henry is the inspiration behind our best selling Little Beast Range!) ; we love catching up with like-minded dog owners and there really is no better way of doing this than by subscribing to a few dog blogs! So, without further ado, here are our top three dog bloggers we love in 2020. Bookmark them now and settle down for a good read.

The Dogvine

This is a really fantastic blog that describes itself as ‘The London Lifestyle Blog for the City Dog’ and we can’t get enough of it right now! Being located in the beautiful Cotswolds, a city life seems a million miles away sometimes, so its really nice to delve into a different perspective now and then- and The Dogvine certainly allows us to do that!

The creator behind the blog is Teresa, and she writes about life in London with her rescue dogs, brought overhear from the streets of Rio. In Teresa’s own words:

On The Dogvine, I feature things that a London Dog (or their human) needs to know, in fact, you could think of us as the ‘Timeout for London Dogs’. The Dogvine was the first dog blog to feature a dedicated London Dog Events Calendar (and is the most comprehensive), has a growing London Dog-friendly directory dedicated to London dog-friendly cafes & restaurants and also features inspiring four-legged stories as well as lifestyle pet products. Wherever possible, I help put the spotlight on local rescue charities as well as promote pet adoption and brands that give back.

Read it now for fantastic London dog walk guides, an amazing virtual dog events calendar and some really gorgeous stories featuring amazing dogs- such as Doug the Pug Therapy Dog. We love it!

The Adventures of Monty Dogge

What can we say? The Adventures of Monty Dogge was created after former zoo-keeper and football manager turned author, Mark, brought Monty home as a ‘cute and fluffy 7 week old puppy’. The blog was intended to document the delights of owning a beautiful Newfoundland and has taken Mark on paths he perhaps never dreamed it would.

Mark is now author of delightful children’s books, titles of which include I’m Not a Pandacow, Monty and the Poppit Dragon and Monty and the Ocean Rescue. The blog itself is filled with amazing tips and advice for dog owners, along with updates on Monty and his siblings. its a really lovely and lively read- you won’t regret curling up with it for an hour or two!

Read now for a highly entertaining review on Monty’s new habits during lockdown– it’s simply brilliant!

Oh My Dog

Based in the US, Oh My Dog is written beautifully by Maggie, who describes herself as a mother, “writer, pet lifestyle pro, pit bull advocate, eco-friendly, cancer thriver” and we just can’t get enough. Maggie’s passion project, The Zero Waste Dog, certainly strikes a chord with us and has resulted in an amazing guide for dog owners.

The Zero Waste Dog e-book is a complete guide to taking the steps you need in order to reduce your pet’s carbon footprint, and we just love her for it ( check out our previous post on how to green your dog’s routine for more information on why this is so important!) We also love her very honest writing style, mixing owning a dog with raising kids- and taking a very realistic approach to describing the mayhem that often ensures. If you’re a parent, you’re going to want to read this one!

Read now for an honest and realistic guide to dogs and toddlers and how to keep them safe from each other. Invaluable reading.