Three Easy Ways to Up your Recycling Game in 2020

Three Easy Ways to Up your Recycling Game in now, we know the importance of recycling where we can and adopting the ‘reduce, re-use., recycle’ mantra in all aspects of life. Regular readers will know that we here at Little Soap HQ always strive to do our utmost to reduce our carbon footprint, and we always encourage you to do the same. But we mustn’t assume that we’re doing all that we can. We can always improve and with this in mind, we’ve compiled just three easy ways to up your recycling gammon 2020. Let’s make what we do count.

Keep the recycling cycle going

Now is the time to be super careful about what you put into your recycling bin. Its all very well having a recycling bin with the best intentions, but if what you’re putting in there cannot be recycled then you wish jeopardising the entire collection- for you and for your neighbours.

Check that the bag you use to collect your recyclables in can be recycled- if not, re-use it instead and empty only recyclable materials into the bin. Clean bottles, cans and other containers so that you minimise the risk of them being rejected at the recycling plant. Make sure you read up on exactly what your local authority will accept for recycling and regularly check packaging for information in case it changes.

Research, research, research

Leading on from our last point above, some things may not always be recyclable, and indeed some products may change so that they can be included for recycling. Packaging changes and hopefully more manufacturers will make moves to ensure their products can be recycled too- so research is key. If the products you buy cannot be recycled easily, then look into making changes so that you only buy those that can.

Don’t assume that something can be recycled as many forms of packaging sadly may not be suitable. Stay up to date with what can be recycled and keep ahead of the game. Knowledge is power! There are lots of resources to help you research and to help you teach children about the importance of recycling. Check out the Global Recycling Day website for more information.

Know the importance of reducing 

Recycling is amazing and so, so important. But if we reduce our consumption then we have the power to make an even greater impact on reducing our carbon footprint. It won’t be an overnight change, but if you can make some small switches you can make a real difference. Re-use your shopping bags, re-use shower gel bottles, fill up glass jars with coffee beans… if you can re-use it, re-use it. Our future generations will thank you for it.

Where possible, choose to compost items that are eligible- vegetable scraps, black and white newspaper, printer paper, cardboard, wood shavings and sawdust, coffee grounds… all of these can be composted. Always check with your local authority if you’re not sure. Always follow guidance when you place items in your green recycling bin, but also consider setting up a compost heap at home if you can.

What are your top tips for making recycling a priority in 2020?