Three Little Dishes to Make your Vegan Barbecue Sizzle

Three Little Dishes to Make your Vegan Barbecue

Ok, so at the time of writing the sun has currently gone awol in the UK, but we’re assured that it’s due a return for the weekend- which gives you plenty of time to read this post and get ready for the most delicious barbecue ever! Alfresco dining is synonymous with summer and for a very good reason too. Eating outside combines two of life’s greatest pleasure- food and sunlight; surely the combination of the two should be on everyone’s to-do list this summer! With this in mind, we’re delighted to bring you our three favourite little dishes that are guaranteed to make your vegan barbecue sizzle this summer- and we invite you to link your top recipes too. Bon appetite!

On the grill

Sticking firmly with our belief that an 80/20 approach is the key to balance, happiness and health, our first top vegan barbecue dish requires a grill to really make it pop. We’re talking aubergine. We’re talking corn on the cob. We’re talking sticky, sweet tofu… oh, yes.

Barbecues are so popular on lazy summer days because they require very little effort, and if you’re able to get prepared beforehand you really can sit back and relax as the food cooks. Part boil your corn on the cobs before popping on the grill to finish off. Easy. Marinate your tofu overnight before popping on to bamboo skewers ready for cooking. Still easy. As for the aubergine? It’s up to you if you press it before hand- some say you should, some say no need. The real issue here is flavour…

Our ultimate go to tofu flavour for a beautiful summery vibe has to be a simple barbecue marinade. We LOVE this recipe from Oh My Veggies but feel free to experiment with your own flavours too. A great combination always involves coconut aminos, garlic and paprika in our opinion… One Green Planet has an amazing collection of marinades to try out in this post.

When it comes to your aubergine, nothing beats a sweet miso sauce, believe us. Grab the recipe from Feast to the World here.

Side dishes

A good barbecue needs a good side dish, and to be honest there really are too many to choose from! So let’s just take it as written that you’ll have falafel, salad and delicious crusty bread already covered- and allow us to introduce you to the Green Goddess Hummus from Cookie and Kate…

Three Little Dishes to Make your Vegan Barbecue

We’re talking lemon juice, parsley, basil- fantastic additions to the classic (and well loved) hummus that should always be on your picnic bench during barbecue season. Try this recipe, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Remember our rule about 80/20? Dessert is never off the menu at Little Soap HQ, and no barbecue is complete without a finishing centre piece in our opinion! So what are we going for this summer? These awesome Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes from Food with Feeling, of course! Make them the morning of, or the day before your barbecue and enjoy!

A final word

Barbecues in their very nature are supposed to be rather free and easy affairs. Minimal cooking, if that’s the way you like it. The recipes we’ve chosen for our ultimate outdoorsy banquet is only a guide; there really is nothing wrong with a meat free sausage or burger on the grill this summer. The 80/20 rule is very much yours to interpret/ break as you see fit! Ultimately, enjoy the experience. Get together with friends, cook delicious food and revel in quality company. Summer days were made for this!