Three Little Valentine's Gifts that don't cost a

Three Little Valentine’s Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost a Penny

Three Little Valentine's Gift Ideas That Don't Cost a

Last week we shone a spotlight on our gorgeous Pamper Packs and suggested you focus a little on self care this year. But we know that lots of you do like to treat loved ones on Valentines Day too, so if that’s you, we’ve got you. The thing is, we’ve just had Christmas, and as a nation we tend to over spend quite a bit too. And when you think about it, Valentines Day is all about showing a person how much you love them. How you care about their happiness, and how you want to make them feel special. It’s not about how much money you can spend- which is why this week, we’re bringing you three little Valentines gift ideas that don’t cost a penny. Simple, sweet and thrifty. We love it!

Written declarations

In an age where we communicate via WhatsApp, text or instant messenger, the art of writing a letter isn’t one we tend to indulge in very often. But we think its about time we brought back the traditional love letter this Valentine’s Day! What do you think? And it doesn’t need to be a long, arduous letter if you’re not so inclined. It can be a post it note on the mirror for when they wake up. A note in their lunch to make them smile, or- our favourite- a jar filled with reasons why you love them. So cute!

If you’re not much of a writer or you suffer with writer’s block perhaps, don’t write this one off (sorry!) just yet. If your loved one has a favourite poem you can copy that out and pop it into a frame, or you can choose lyrics from their favourite song instead. The point is, you’ve taken time over it. You’ve sat down and you’ve written something that means something- and those are the best kinds of Valentine’s gifts of all.

The gift of time

Busyness is another curse of the modern world, although many of us can barely remember a time when life was any slower. But this Valentine’s Day, you could change all of that. instead of giving your loved one something you bought in a rush on your way home from work, why not take the entire day to just be together. No phones, no distractions, just you.

Go out for a walk, have a cinema date, or just sit inside with a good book each. Cook your favourite meal together. Sort through that pile of old photos you’ve been meaning tackle since forever. Watch old movies, clear out the garden shed…whatever you do, do it together and with intention.

Three Little Valentine's Gift Ideas That Don't Cost a

Spa at home

This really doesn’t need to cost a penny, but if you do want to buy one or two special things for a spa day at home then you can. But honestly- go through your bathroom cabinet and we’re willing to bet you already have everything you need to make it special.

Run a Valentine’s Day bubbly bath, have everything you need ready for a facial, a foot massage and a relaxing hair mask and you’re set. The aim here is to spend quality time together, making each other feel special, beautiful and cared for. You don’t need top of the range products, but if you’ve got any of the gorgeous products from our range (not forgetting a candle for atmosphere) then you’re already set. Again, this is all about being together and enjoying that time. Bliss!