Five Little Benefits of Massage

Five Little Benefits of now regular readers should know that here at Little Soap HQ we are all for nourishing the body and the mind, and one of our favourite ways to take care of the whole package is with a massage. Surprisingly, a huge proportion of the UK adult populationĀ have never hadĀ  a massage! Wow. You guys are missing out! Here are just five little benefits of massage… if you’ve yet to go for it, maybe we can change your mind?

Massage can help…

to reduce stress

One of the main reasons why people tend to book a massage is to deal with stress. Not just for muscular stresses and strains, but for the ailments of a busy and hectic life too. We are all living at 100 miles an hour these days aren’t we? We rush from home to work, to meeting to shops and we rarely stop for a breather. Once home again most of us are plugged into one device or another (read this post on how to detox from the screen) and so our bodies and minds are subjected to a barrage of stresses, with little relief. The answer? A good, relaxing massage can help!

Massage helps to lower the heart rate and blood pressure, relax the muscles and promote the production of endorphins- the feel good hormones. This process helps to reduce stress, so if you indulge in regular massages you should start to see a real difference. Lowering stress in turns leads to…

betterĀ sleepĀ 

If you’re feeling less stressed and anxious, it stands to reason that you are going to sleep better. Not only that but massage actually helps to foster better relaxation habits overall, so that you are more able to out your stresses aside when you need to. This can be essential for those of us who find relaxing into sleep tricky at times! Every time you get a massage, your body’s levels of cortisol lowers, and this means that you experience less stress. Stress can be the number one cause of disturbed sleep, so if this sounds like you- make that appointment now!

strengthens the immune system

Yes, really! This time of year can be so awfulĀ when it comes to picking up bugs and germs, so your immune system is going to need all the help that it can get. Regular massage can help to strengthen the immune system so that you’re more likely to feel fit and well when it really counts.

While improved sleep and lower stress levels are fantastic for every day life, they’re also essential elements for the immune system too. Those who experience less stress and sleep well are less likely to become ill. And add to that the fact that massage can actually increase the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, and decrease the amount of T-cells in the body, which improves overall functionsĀ of the immune system. Translated- massage is awesome for those of you who seem to get cold after cold this time of year!

improves circulationFive Little Benefits of

Regular massage is hugely beneficial for the circulation of blood in the body, and this is important because poor circulation can lead to a host of health issues. If your circulation is strong, your muscles are receiving lots of blood with which to repair and regenerate, and this means that they are more likely to heal better after exercise. Not only that, but better circulation can also lead to lower blood pressure and better overall bodily functions too.

eases headaches

I don’t know about you, but after a long day at work I can feel the effects in my head. A thumping headache is the worst way to leave the office, and only adds to feelings of stress and anxiety too. Regular massage can help massively if you suffer with headaches, not only because after treatment you will sleep better and feel less stressed.

Regular massage can also help to decrease pain by focusing on the neck, shoulders and head. Say goodbye to tension headaches, fuzzy head brought on by lack of sleep, and anxiety migraines!

Have we convinced you yet?