Five Little Tips for Perfecting your Shaving Technique

Five Little Tips for Perfecting your Shaving

It’s not always easy staying on top of personal grooming, but if you’re anything like us you’re doing your best! With the recent warmer weather reminding us that summer is only around the corner, we thought it might be the ideal opportunity to share a few insider tips for getting the legs ready for the change in season! Bear in mind though, that this week’s post really isn’t just for our female readers (or just for summer!); our tips are suitable for shaving any part of the body! As long as you’re dedicated to natural beauty remedies and you have some time to dedicate towards getting it right, this post is for you. Here are five little tips for perfecting your shaving technique.

disclaimer: Shaving any part of your body is absolutely not a necessity, nor do we believe that it is a mandatory part of your beauty regime- whether male or female! However, we do know that many of us like to remove hair from our bodies, and that it is our right to do so. Today’s post is a guide, and not our way of inflicting rules or demands upon you. You are simply gorgeous as you are!

Prep the skin

Before you even think about reaching for the razor, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve fully prepped the skin. Like any good beauty regime, success often lies in the steps that you follow before you start- and never more so than when you’re removing hair from your body!

Shaving is one of the fastest and easiest methods of removing hair from the body, but it can also be one of the most risky too. So prepping the skin and protecting against accidental cuts or nicks is so important. Likewise, you want to minimise the risk of irritating the skin too- so don’t skip this step!

Follow these three simple steps to prep your skin:

Five Little Tips for Perfecting your Shaving
  • Exfoliate the skin. Use a simple, yet gentle body scrub to remove dead skin cells and to lift the hairs prior to shaving.
  • Wash the area well with warm water and a gentle cleanser- our Organic English Lavender shower gel is a great choice here.
  • Take your time if you can. If time allows, a soak in the bath is a great idea as you will allow time for the skin to soften too, which will protect against irritation. Add some Organic Rose Geranium bubble bath to the tub, lie back and relax!

Choose your razor carefully

You need a clean, sharp razor. There’s just no getting around this, sorry! Replace your razor every three uses so that you know it’s sharp- a blunt razor can lead to more irritation, more cuts and a less effective shave, so its really not worth scrimping on. And having said this, it goes without saying that disposable razors are the last thing you want to be buying if you care about your eco footprint. There are plenty of more eco friendly options out there, so shop around and find a reusable razor that you can work with.

Because you’re using a sharp razor, take it easy! Go slowly and don’t rush the process. Always shave downwards first, and then upwards- especially if you have sensitive skin. And when it comes to the knees, bend them!

Steer clear of the dry shave

I mean, you can give it a try. But most will agree that a dry shave really is not the best option for sensitive skin at all. Even those of us with ‘average’ skin may find that a dry shave can irritate the skin, and who wants an unsightly rash at the end of the day?

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The aim here is to be gentle with the shave, so that your skin doesn’t suffer. We highly recommend a gently hydrating shave cream for the best results, and you could even make your own if you have time. Our Organic Bar Soap for sensitive skin with Shea is the perfect solution- a lovely combination of super hydrating ingredients that your skin will certainly thank you for!

Clean your razor after use

Don’t wait until the next time you need to use it! Go ahead and carefully clean the razor as soon as you’ve finished so that it’s clean and ready for next time. Oh, and keep it out of reach of children of course.

Give your skin some post-shave TLC

Shaving can irritate and the last thing you want is to develop a nasty rash. After you’ve shaved, the best thing to do is to allow your skin to rest, recover and breathe. Your skin is going to be extra sensitive right after shaving, so honestly this is probably one of the best tips we can give. Just allow your skin to be for a while.

Once your skin has had chance to rest (at least 30 minutes) then you can apply a really good moisturiser that will restore and hydrate your skin. We love the feeling of softness you get once this step is complete! Go for our Organic Grapefuit and Orange hand and body lotion for an invigorating finish.