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International Women’s Day: Featuring Four Favourite Women-led Brands

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International Women’s Day took place this year on the 8th of March, and we couldn’t let this month go without giving it a huge shout out here on the blog! We’re so passionate about celebrating women in business and shouting about the huge achievements that are made every single day around the world. This year’s theme for the campaign was centred around choosing to challenge: challenge for change.

With a mission statement to “Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.” this is one campaign that we most definitely like to get our teeth stuck into! So this week we wanted to do a little throw-back to International Women’s Day by featuring four favourite women-led brands, to highlight their successes- and to challenge you to raise awareness, be an advocate and to celebrate women everywhere.

Lily’s Kitchen

Oh, how we love Lily’s Kitchen! Coming from a place of true love for her pets, the brand was created by Henrietta, owner of the beautiful Lily, who believed passionately that her pet deserved to eat food that was ‘filled with honest, natural ingredients.’ Henrietta started cooking Lily’s food from scratch in an attempt to nurse her back to health after an illness, and the rest is history. Working with vets and nutritionists, Henrietta developed delicious recipes with wholesome ingredients, and Lily’s Kitchen was born.

More than ‘just a pet food brand’, Lily’s Kitchen is also on a mission, like us, to protect the planet- with the packaging they use and the ingredients they source- and we love this so much! The brand supports animal charities and to date have given away over 750,000 meals to cats and dogs in need since 2016- plus they work with local communities too. Read more about their charity work here.

Delicious pet food, amazing values. Perfect.


Re:Nourish is an exciting brand with such an amazing product- and the story behind it is just lovely too. It all started with a company called Nourish, set up by critical care nurse and entrepreneur Nicci Clark. Realising that there was a gap in the market when it came to delivering nutritionally balanced and delicious meals, Nicci decided to do something about it! She became a fully quailed nutritionist in 2014 and then went on to discover yet another gap in the market…

Re:Nourish was born after Nicci scoured the globe for a healable bottle in which to heat her much sought-after soup. Realising that it just didn’t exist, Nicci grabbed the opportunity with both hands and the world’s first fully recyclable, heatable bottle for soup was created. Since then, Nicci has been on an amazing journey- and let me tell you, both her bottle and her soups are just stunning. With a range that includes soups to calm, soups to fuel and soups to protect, the team here at Little Soap are just obsessed! All soups are vegan, dairy free and made without additives or added sugar- and are available in boxes of 6, 12 and 24- all served up in an eco-friendly, reheatabe bottle. Genius!

Deliciously Ella

We’ve been huge fans of Deliciously Ella since the beginning, when she started out with her blog in 2012. Following diagnosis of health conditions, Ella intended for her site to be a personal project, documenting her journey back to health through a whole foods, plant-based diet- but it quickly became a lot more than that. Today, Deliciously Ella is a household name- and we’re absolutely thrilled for her! With a vibrant and busy blog, six number one best-selling cookbooks, an amazing app, a cafe in central London (soon to become a fully serviced restaurant), a podcast, plus the most delicious products lining the shelves of major supermarkets, Deliciously Ella really has come a long way since its humble beginnings!

Deliciously Ella has one simple aim:

“Our core purpose has remained the same from when i wrote my first recipe, which is to share delicious ways for people to feel better. it gave me my life and health back, and i know we can help millions more too.”

We just love it!

Fab Little Bag

Regular readers will know only too well how passionate we are about protecting our planet and reducing landfill wherever we can- and that goes for sanitary products too. Every month, whether we like it or not, we are using period products. The problem is that some of these products are not environmentally friendly. The issue then becomes the fact that we cannot simply stop using period products- but we can indeed change the products that we’re using, and the ways that we dispose of them. These days there are far more eco-friendly options out there, that are becoming more and more accessible to us all- so its our responsibility to shout about them as much as we can! Enter Fab Little Bag– an amazing brand with a very clear mission: to protect rivers, oceans and beaches from the pollution caused by flushed period products.

Fab Little Bag tell us that in the UK alone we are flushing 2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads down the toilet each day. Every day! To counteract this, we challenge you to use FabLittleBags to dispose of them instead. The bags themselves are made of plants (which means they are carbon reducing) and recycled plastics, supporting the circular economy of waste. The glue to seal the bag closed is vegan- so again, eco-friendly. So now you can dispose of your period products safely, hygiencally and with no stress.

Inventor and founder, Martha, created the Fab Little Bag because quite simply she was tired of having to face the dilemma of disposing period products when she was out and about. Never mind the fact that it can be embarrassing, she also knew that the impact of what she was flushing was far from ideal too. We love that that she had the courage to take her dilemma and create a safe solution for us all. Fab Little Bag are an amazing brand- please check them out and make them your go to each month!