Three Fantastic Cotswolds Spas We Love Right Now

Three Fantastic Cotswolds Spas we Love Right now and then we all deserve a little time out from the busyness of life. As much as we love what we do here at Little Soap HQ, the truth is that we all work really hard! So when it comes to down time, we’re fiercely protective of it-and you should be too. Taking time out for yourself is not only vital in maintaining emotional wellbeing, but crucial for our relationships with others. After all, as the saying goes, how can you expect to take care of others when you cannot take care of yourself? This week we’re sharing the three favourite Cotswalds spas that we’re simply loving right now- and we’re talking about the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to book your next visit too.

Bamford Wellness Spa at Daylesford

Why Emma loves Daylesford: (and we think you will too!) The Bamford Wellness Spa is situated next to the Daylesford farm shop, a beautiful haven in the heart of the Cotswolds that holds true to its dedication to provide calming day retreats for all.  “Emphasising the human connection with nature, the Bamford Wellness Spa offers a range of activities that nurture inner peace, including yoga, pilates, meditation, facial and massage treatments.”

The yoga studio is a true gem within Daylesford, and a feature that sets this wellness spa out a little from others. With increasing pressures both online and offline, there’s often very little emotional and physical release for us when stress begins to pile. Maybe we feel we don’t have time to re-connect, or maybe that we don’t even deserve to. Time to leave those thoughts at the door, because Daylesford is here to remind us all that we do actually matter, and very much so too. Taking time to ourselves is important;  being able to balance body and mind is essential for us all- and what better way to do it, than surrounded by like-minded individuals and the stunning backdrop of Daylesford?

Find out more about upcoming retreats here.

Dormy House

Why Emma loves Dormy House: With its indoor and outdoor spa facilities and treatments, the spa at Dormy House luxury hotel in the Cotswolds is guaranteed to leave you felling refreshed, re-energised and re-connected with yourself. This is the place to go if you truly want to spoil yourself (and remember, you deserve to do that!). From the fitness suite to the tranquil treatment rooms boasting state of the art facials and body scrubs, this is one luxurious and decadent spa you have to see to believe.

Particularly great for those days where you really need to unwind and break free from the strains of modern life, the Scandinavian inspired thermal suite is a must visit: “In the salt steam room, breathe enriching mineral air, then cool down with a drench shower or, if you really need perking up, an ice experience will soon have you bright-eyed and refreshed. ” Sign us up, now.

Find out more about the Dormy House spa here.

Barnsley House Spa

Why Emma loves Barnsley House: There’s something truly magical about Barnsley House. We’re talking a breathtaking spa nestled in a stunning secret garden location- with an outdoor hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and spa treatments perfectly harnessing the uniqueness of nature to bring you an experience like no other. Honestly, you have to see it to believe it!

“We believe in the power of nature which is why you’ll find natural and botanical elements from the garden all around the spa… indoor plants, tables crafted from tree trunks and lavender placed on treatment beds. The spa lounge boasts simply enchanting views of the surrounding countryside… so relaxation begins as soon as you enter.” It can’t get better than that, surely?

Find out more about Barnsley House spa here.

Make 2020 the year that you start to forgive yourself- for all those evenings you were too tired to remove your makeup properly, for all the skipped gym sessions and rushed meals. Forgive yourself for never making enough time for YOU. This is the year to bring it all back and to fall back in love with the notion of true self care. Carve out the time to take care if yourself a little more, and the rest will follow.