Three Little Tips for Sticking With Veganuary

Veganuary Around the year, Veganuary has taken the UK by storm and here at Little Soap HQ we’re thrilled to see so many new brands bringing out new foods, meal ideas and inspirations. Early reports indicate that 2019 is set to be the year for veganism as a movement, and we’re so excited to see what lies ahead for the cause. This is a momentum we need to keep up; the only problem is that too many people still believe that once January is over, the next step is to go back to old eating habits. And while just one day of not eating meat, eggs and dairy really can make a huge difference, and while one month will make an even bigger difference- never turning back is amazing! With this in mind, this week we’re looking at our top three little tips for sticking with Veganuary this year.

Understand your motivation

There are so many reasons why a person would take the Veganuary pledge. From wanting to eat a healthier diet, to wanting an end to animal cruelty- your decision to become vegan is yours and yours alone. The thing is that, the motivation behind taking the pledge can really affect whether or not you actually stick to this lifestyle into February and beyond.

Now is the time to read, research and educate yourself on what it really means to be a vegan. Watch Youtube videos, documentaries and news reports. Read books, article and studies. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can, to not only make this month as easy as possible, but to better inform you of your next steps too.

Embrace new choices

Remember that adopting a vegan lifestyle is a choice. But it can also be a challenge as you’re having to change so much aboutThree Little Tips for sticking with the way you’ve been living probably for the whole of your life. A really good tip is to embrace it all as much as you can. Remember its not about what you’re cutting out of your life, rather its about what you’re adding in. A reduced carbon footprint, a clearer conscience, better health. Embrace the vegan lifestyle with a positive outlook. No more ‘I can’t eat that,’ and more ‘I can eat this, and this, and this…’

Take small steps

If you jumped into Veganuary with full gusto, you can forgive yourself if you start to feel  like you can’t wait for the month to end so that you can go back to ‘normal’. Thats ok. We’re all only human, and we all have challenges to face. So take it slowly. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake, take a step backwards or have your wobbles. Take small steps. If you’ve done your research as per tip number one, you’ve got this.

For more support, advice and guidance the Vegan Society has a fanatic app that will literally hold your hand throughout the whole process. There are facebook groups, websites and recipe books all dedicated towards helping you to understand how amazing the vegan lifestyle can be. Don’t give up. Stick with this in to February, into spring and summer and beyond. We promise you won’t look back.