Three Little Tips to Soothe Sensitive Skin this Summer

Now that the warmer weather is truly here (at last!) it’s time to update your usual skincare regime, and especially if you have sensitive skin. As the temperatures rise, we tend to sweat more, plus we’re- hopefully- using sunscreen more too, both of which can potentially play havoc with your sensitive skin. But fear not! We have the solution. Read on to find out our top three little tips to soothe sensitive skin this summer.

Turn the heat down

Of course, we can’t control the temperature outside, but we can control it inside, and keep sensitive skin from flaring up too much. During the day, keep curtains and blinds closed to prevent the sunlight from warming the room- and keep as many windows open as you can to promote better air circulation throughout.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to how hot your shower is too. Sensitive skin tends to flare up when we take hot baths or showers, thanks to the heat of the water stripping away natural oils in the skin. The result? Dry, itchy and flaking skin. Not good.

Luckily, the warmer weather will mean the thought of a cooler shower won’t send shivers down your spine- but there are other benefits your skin will reap too. Turning the heat down can help to promote blood circulation, close the pores (to prevent dirt and other irritants from entering), and soothe irritated or sore sensitive skin. Not to mention the fact that cooler water will help your skin to retain moisture and can help to reduce swelling and inflammation too.

Avoid nasty chemicals

Three Little Tips to Soothe Sensitive Skin this

Of course, here at Little Soap, we like to promote as natural a skincare regime as possible, but we know that sometimes certain skin conditions can leave us with limited choices too. That said, if you can avoid nasty chemicals when it comes to skincare, your sensitive skin will thank you for it in the long run.

We love our gorgeously soothing Unperfumed Pure Olive Soap Bar for a calming and hydrating clean. This one is multi-award-winning and perfect for soothing your skin during the warmer summer months, thanks to the nourishing olive oil we use. As you’d expect, it’s free from all the same nasties as our organic bar, and it’s non-fragranced too. No detergents, no SLS, no sulphates, no alcohol, no parabens, no sorbates, no silicones- perfect for sensitive skin.

And why is this important? Sensitive skin in particular can be prone to dermatological reactions when certain chemicals are used in skincare products. if this sounds familiar to you, always go for products that have a vey short ingredients list, and avoid all the nasties mentioned above. If using a new product, always do a patch test to make sure its suitable for you.

Stay safe in the sun

After a looooong, cold winter it’s so tempting to spend as much time outside in the sunshine as possible. Trust us, we get it! But what you really don’t want to do (especially if you have sensitive skin) is risk sun damage to your skin- so always take precautions to stay safe in the sun.

You should definitely be wearing sunscreen, and try to make it as natural as you can. Again, check the ingredients list and make sure it’s free from irritants. Look for sunscreens that are made specifically for sensitive skin and no lower than SPF30. Re-apply regularly too, and avoid the sun when it’s at its hottest- from 11am to 3pm. If you do go out, wear loose clothing with long sleeves if you can- cotton fabrics are best as they will allow your skin to breathe.

If you find yourself getting a little too much sun this summer, it’s really important to re-hydrate as soon as possible. For sensitive skin, a good after-sun lotion is designed to soothe and moisturise, whilst at the same preventing damage from free radicals that occur thanks to the sun’s UV rays.

Look for a lotion that will neutralise these free radicals and prevent further radiation from occurring, and reduce the chance of any further damage taking place. You’ll want to reduce inflammation too, so definitely avoid nasty chemicals in other products, and stay hydrated with lots of water.