Tips to Avoid Air Pollution in the Home

Tips to Avoid Air Pollution in the home is your haven. Your safe space, where you can kick back and relax. Where you can breathe easy. Or is it? According to experiments carried our earlier this year by The National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS), there’s a really good chance that the air inside your home could have pollution levels that are a staggering 3.5 times higher than outside! Factors such as cooking, burning wood and pollution from traffic being carried inside are said to be to blame. Thankfully experts agree that there are many ways we can keep the air inside a lot cleaner, so this week we’e looking at the smile steps you can take to avoid air pollution in the home.

Ditch the toxic cleaning products

As ever, here at Little Soap we believe that natural is better when it comes to cleaning around the home. Lots of the products found on supermarket shelves are not only expensive, but they contain a high number of chemicals that are left to pollute the air in our homes if we let them. The fumes that some of these cleaners give out can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and mouth when you use them- and those pollutants hang around for a while after use too.

Keep cleaning products clean! Check out our post on how to green your clean routine for more inspiration.

Steer clear of synthetic fragrances

Artificial fragrances are known to irritate the skin and exacerbate symptoms of condition such as eczema- plus they cause indoor air
pollution to rocket too. Say no to synthetic fragrances! Our products do no contain any- we prefer to use pure essential oils because we know that natural is better. Read more on our fragrances and why we steer clear of synthetics here.

Avoid artificial air fresheners

As with synthetic fragrances, artificial air fresheners should be on your list to avoid too. There are plenty of ways that you can freshen the home without resorting to nasty chemicals and irritants- check out this post for more ideas.

One of the best ways to fill your home with beautiful, natural fragrances is to burn a candle- and with darker nights on the way, we can’t
think of anything more welcoming right now! But the type of candle matters if you want to keep indoor air pollution levels down. Don’t useTips to Avoid Air Pollution in the wax melts or incense sticks; stick to soy candles for a kinder home remedy instead. The soy wax that we use in our candles is eco-soy and it’s 100% GM fee, with no pesticides or herbicides used at any stage in its cultivation. What’s more, soya beans are a renewable source; the wax is naturally biodegradable so we think our candles really should be your number one choice when it comes to adding fragrance to your home! Shop the range here.

Fill your home with green plants

Plants can make any home instantly feel more cosy and welcoming. From an aesthetic view point, a well-tended plant gives a room a splash of colour, a green vibe unlike no other. But on a deeper level, the plants you have in your home can do a lot more than simply look nice in the corner.

Not only are plants more sustainable than a bunch of flowers, but they actually help to lower stress levels and improve wellbeing too. Some of the best plants to have in the home include Peace Lilies, Rubber Plants, Allow Vera and the Spider Plant.