Your Ultimate Guide for a Beautiful Bonfire Night

With October firmly behind us, there seems to be a tinge of excitement in the air. Here at Little Soap HQ we just LOVE Bonfire Night! There’s something really rather special about the crisp night sky, the sparkle of the fireworks and the warming family traditions of this time of year. While the temperature drop and the clock change can often bring lower moods and a sluggish attitude to many, we challenge you not to feel just a teeny bit of anticipation for the weekend ahead. And because we love this season so much, we’re delighted to bring you the ultimate guide for a beautiful bonfire night. Enjoy!

Your Guide to a Beautiful Bonfire your mind

Bonfire Night is often a time for reflection and hope- there’s something about the explosions in the sky that can make you feel wistful, and the colours are almost hypnotic at times. Use the opportunity to meditate perhaps , or to embrace the outdoors with take a walk through the leaves. Hold a sparkler, eat a hot baked potato by the fire. Embrace the traditions, and allow yourself a moment to just be- no technology, no music, no screens. Just the sky, and a riot of colour.

When we take time out from our usual routines and away from the digital world, we force the mind to look elsewhere for entertainment and satisfaction. It’s not always as instant when it doesn’t come from a screen, but it’s definitely longer lasting. So this weekend as the fireworks begin, take a moment to just watch them form and fade in the sky. Calm the mind, and restore your inner peace a little.

Feed your body

There are so many beautiful foods in season at this time of the year and, as with any tradition, Bonfire Night is associated with a range of delicious dishes too. Remember that whatever you put into your body is reflected on the outside too, and variety is essential. We love creating and trying out alternative recipes for some of our favourite foods, like this super healthy version of the traditional Bonfire Night treat, Parkin. This one is made from wholewheat flour and reduced sugar and tastes every bit as good the cake you remember from your childhood!

Bonfire Night is also a great time to bring out warming foods for friends and family to enjoy, so make sure you stock up on plenty of fresh seasonal produce- pumpkin, parsnips, beetroot, butternut squash, leeks and turnips are all in season now and taste amazing thrown into a pot and made into a chunky soup.

Feed your soul

As a child, some of the fondest memories I have centre around a roaring bonfire, sparkler in hand and feet stomping out the cold. Family traditions are so important and even if you’ve never really done much for bonfire night in previous years, there’s no reason why you can’t start now. Start some new traditions if you like; make Bonfire weekend the start of a new autumn beauty regime that will see you right through to winter. Light a candle, take a long bath and luxuriate with a relaxing foot soak. Get yourself ready for the longer nights and colder mornings. Whatever it takes, feed your soul and see in the new season with a fizz and a bang.

We’re loving…

To get you into the mood for Bonfire Night this weekend, we’re recommending a long soak with our Organic Artisan Pure English Lavender bubble bath by the light of our beautiful Rose Geranium candle. And don’t forget the pets! Bonfire Night can be pretty stressful for our four legged friends, so spend some time reassuring and pampering with our Little Beast range.