Three Little Health Tips for Autumn

With the clock change imminent (it’s this weekend, people!) and the cold weather finally settling in, we’re looking to make some changes in our health and beauty regimes so that we can face the new season feeling the very best we can. It’s not always easy to stay ahead of Mother Nature as we say goodbye to summer once and for all, but with our guidance there are small changes we can start to make to ensure the mind and body is as ready as can be. Here are three little health tips for autumn. Enjoy!

Three Little Health Tips for the seasons

It’s more important than ever to ensure that what you eat is as fresh and as natural as possible. Eating the seasons simply means that you’re making the most of what the earth has to offer at any given point in the year. And autumn is abundant with beautiful produce right now!

Eating locally sourced produce also helps to support local businesses and you can be sure of exactly where your food has been.

Give your immune system a boost

Since we know that winter is on it’s way, it makes sense to start paying a little extra attention to our immune systems know. The body can take a fair few hits as the seasons transition, and it’s more important than ever to do what you can to protect yourself against winer coughs and colds.

It’s a really great idea to look for natural immune boosters where you can. As always, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and make sure that your diet is filled with foods that will protect and promote your immune system. We swear by ensuring we eat as many raw foods as possible (hello juicer!) and dishes rich with garlic too. We also try to include probiotics in our daily routines, and supplements of vitamins B, C and D are always a good idea. Oh, and don’t forget the manuka honey- beautiful in a serving of greek yogurt as an indulgent treat now and then!

Refresh and renew your morning routine

We know that life can be hectic. We’re all busy, and we live in a digitally demanding world where we’re required to be switched Three Little Health Tips for at all times. But it’s also so, so important to take some time to simply be. Mornings are the perfect time to take a few minutes to take stock, and to prepare yourself for the  day ahead. So our final health tip for autumn is to refresh and renew your morning routine.

  • Put the phone away. You’ll have plenty of time to be online later, so for now allow your body to wake up naturally and without the artificial light from a screen.
  • Drink hot water and lemon to cleanse and refresh the digestive system.
  • Eat a good breakfast. This is so important and will set your metabolism ticking over for the day.
  • Meditate, exercise, stretch. Do one, two or all three. The point is that you take a few moments to move at your own pace and to show your body that you care.

So, are you ready for autumn?